Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A New Challenge

It is snowing again, but thank GOD they didn't cancel preschool today. Here is what it looked like a few days ago...snow, but with a thick coat of ice on top.

It is hard enough trying to get good photographs of one child. I am now expanding my repetoire to work on getting a decent shot of two. But I also love capturing the interactions between two.
Is it just me, or does Andrew look as giant as Becca in this one?

Mom, I'm trying to watch Max and Ruby. You're in the way.

You mean his head is soft right here?

Sweet siblings

Finally. A smile.


Natalie said...

Great pictures! He's getting so big!

Angie said...

I think it is terribly difficult to get a good picture of both of mine. Definitely a challenge. And, yeah, he looks as big as Becca. When did that happen?

Grammy Bonnie said...

For Grandkids we just line 'em up on the couch and keep snapping photos one after another while all the parents stand behind me doing jumping jacks and making faces. Mark is particularly good at that. Then take all the photos home and edit them heavily. Yay for digital!

Angela said...

Those are precious pictures!! HE does look so big in that one picture. How big is he now?

Judy said...

Amy and John , both of your babies are so-o-o-o beautiful , am very serious , so-o-o beautiful,and by the way we bacame grand parents for the 6th time last week , Nick and Reina had a bouncing 8lb.8oz. baby boy ,Ian Michael and the most content baby of ALL. He smiles all the time ,never crys , Reina says a keeper . There youngest Taylor Maria , went to Anchorage last week-end and took first-all-around in gymnastics AGAIN. She's been to New York onceand Idaho twice , Vanessa is also on a travelling team for basketball, and traveling. Ryan plays basketball , and ,Nick said he'll be on a traveling team , probably next year. Don't know how they keep up , Reina got a year off at West Valley as a secretary , but it's killing her missing out being head cheer-leading coach , an , driving these kids to Anchorage a couple times a month. Their life is crazy!!!!1 Nick still works for Alyska , and some nites hits 2 games and has to pick up Taylor , since , Reina isvery attached , since , she breast feeds.Anyway your babies r so-o-o-o damn cute . Take care and miss you as neighbors!!!!!! Got a precious pic. of the new baby, if you wanna see him send me your e-mail address,Love Rog and Judy