Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things That Make Me Laugh

Baby Talk from Katie "The Yap" on Vimeo.

Today Becca was eyeing the flowers on the kitchen table and said (in the sweetest voice you can imagine), "Mama can you give me some privacy in here please?" I said, "Why?" She said, "Because I'm going to do something not good."

No. No privacy for you.


Poppy said...

omg that made me laugh! Give her a little privacy indeed.

The little dude...precious.

Andrea_Ben said...

Oh Becca, how I love thee! I think that is absolutely hilarious!!!!

Natalie said...

ha ha ha ha! Becca is hilarious!

I love the video. Please don't post any more of those b/c my viewing could result in a pregnancy.

Bevo said...

Didn't Susan once tell you that she was going into your room to do "a bad thing..." - to get into your make-up?

Andrew is ADORABLE!!! What a smile!

Please post more! We need to see more of that cute little guy, and Natalie probably needs another baby anyhow!

Jen said...

Cute! Both Andrew and Becca - so cute!

Justine said...

I LOVE the video!! Those sweet, toothless baby smiles are the best!

Becca's line is almost as good as what Sarah used to say... "Don't come see what I just did."

Susan said...

She is too funny! Did Andrew hit his face on the mirror or something?

Tracy said...

Madison is really sneaky that way too! Im not complaining. At least I know when it is coming!