Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Things

  • My appetite is off the charts. Is it simply from breastfeeding a separate 17-pound person? Or, is it because I just haven't toned it down yet after being pregnant? Either way, I am STARVING. All the time. I feel like I could eat four-regular sized meals every time I sit down to eat. I am NEVER full. Never. And, God forbid I workout. I have to eat before, during and after just to keep from collapsing from low blood sugar while doing anything other than sitting or lying down. I can't tell you the number of times I have left the gym from a workout and driven straight to the nearest fast food drive through because I am so hungry I'll never make it home. And I will eat a Power Bar while waiting for my food. I had dinner at the neighbors' house last night and had to stop myself from eating everything on the table. In fact, I felt as though I'd not even eaten yet when we were done. Annoying.

  • I am going to go to Texas. I can't wait. I plan to eat Texas out of all its TexMex. I am already spending hours a day packing in my mind (do I need the car seat on the plane? How many hours can I think about this topic? Answer: WAY TOO MANY). I know. I'm a freak.

  • I'm a freak.

  • Becca filled up her chart with ten good deeds and we went to the indoor pool again today. I still smell like chlorine and can't seem to warm up. I hate indoor swimming in the winter. I decided next time she gets ten stickers we're doing something else.

  • The chart/stickers/Not Talking About It isn't working any magic. But, it isn't doing any HARM and we are no longer sliding backwards, but we don't appear to be making any forward potty-training progress either. Grrrrr.

  • I just ordered this. I searched every freaking corner of the Internet because apparently it is backordered everywhere. I think I found one. I cannot WAIT for it to arrive. I think Becca waking up and beating the shit out of the walls of her room (and her pull-up) at 5:30 a.m. is killing me more than waking up with Andrew three times a night. Or, maybe it is the combo. Either way, I am a zombie every morning. And either way, this little sucker better fix that problem. I can program it to have the clock change colors at a certain hour (I'm thinking I'll start with 6:30 a.m.). The kid isn't supposed to get out of bed until the right color on the clock. It will work. Stop laughing.


Angie said...

Ashlyn is not allowed to get up until 6. She knows when it is 6, and will lie in bed until the time is right. Sometimes she goes back to sleep. Sometimes she gets up right at 6, so I am sure that she was just waiting for the right time. Same concept. So, it can work!

Angela said...

Whew....just got caught up with life again. So glad to hear you are coming this way. Call if you get a chance and want more kids around. Please come over and play...and you can see my bathroom I painted!!! It's been so busy here lately, but I think it may slow down now that Katheryn's competition is over. (who am I kidding...does life ever slow down?)

sgtsharp said...

Ya right, the clock is going to work.Just remember the last name you where born with.I hope I'm wrong.
Potty training is like cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey. there ready to train when there ready.

Grammy Bonnie said...

Sorry. There's no Tex-Mex left in Austin. We ate it all at Chuys tonight.

Laura said...

I vote - no carseat. We took a big risk this time flying from Fairbanks to Omaha and checked Bo's carseat. Wes had hurt his back and we needed to carry as little as possible. And it was WONDERFUL! I will never go back. He did awesome and never through a fit because he could wiggle and move and use the tray and play easier. So stinkin nice. Plus, he could actually lay down to sleep.

And so when I flew with both kids by myself from Omaha to Austin it was so easy. I did not have to wrestle with an infant, a toddler and a carseat.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

Katie said...

Laura, I was talking about a car seat for Andrew. Becca hasn't flown with a carseat in about a year (and it is SO much better, I agree). But I'm wondering about not having a place to lay Andrew down for a 4 hour flight. I guess I could hold him the whole time, but......I don't know....

Jen said...

I was SO hungry when I was nursing Claire. I ate Tim under the table on a daily basis. And I continued to lose weight. It was AWESOME. I can only hope for the same thing with this next baby.

And I think I must have one of those clocks. The girls are KILLING me with their early rising. Killing me.