Thursday, February 05, 2009

With Role Models Like These, Who Needs Teen Pop Stars?

Really Disney?

Did I buy a Princess coloring book or did Playboy accidently jump in my shopping cart? Did Jasmine get implants? Wait. I thought Jasmine was, like, Arabian or something. I don't really think her father would approve of this. Maybe Jasmine is actually throwing off the oppression of women in her society. But still, I'm not really sure why you want to put big ta-tas on the cover of a coloring book marketed to preschoolers. Do you think the artists and marketing people are teenage boys? The more I think about it, the more I want to vomit. Thank God Becca doesn't like Jasmine. She prefers girls who cover themselves a little more with high-necked capes like proper little Amish girls (just as long as they wear sparkles and petticoats. The Amish do that, right?)

I guess it is just as much my fault for buying the coloring book. (What kind of mother is she?! I know! One who wants to write about the Sickness Otherwise Known as Disney on her blog!) But when you lump all the princesses together, somehow you get a few Ts and As when all you really want is Snow White and a few stumpy men. Don't worry, though. I fixed it. I don't think Becca will notice.

Ahhh Disney. Never without the irony.


sgtsharp said...

HMMMMMMMMM maybe it was me as a Marine & before I got married.NAAAAAAAA

I like the word verification I had to type in "whine" hmmmmmmm.

Tracy said...

Okay, so I guess the Jasmine comment should have gone up here. Oops!

Lysandra said...

The Max & Ruby comment below cracked me up.Disney is just crack for kids. Marketing genius' is what they are.
Word verification:subduce?

Lost in Space said...

I think she has a lovely figure.

Danger, Will Robinson

Meg said...

no jasmine did not get implants; she's always looked and dressed like at little tart. I'd never considered the irony of how she technically should be wearing a burqa tho. More ironic...she wants her father to let her marry someone who will love her for HER, not what she can give them. I love bashing Disney princesses.

Angie said...

Yeah, Jasmine has always looked like that. I'm kind of anti-coloring book, though I did just buy a princess coloring book for our long flight back. Coloring books are worth it sometimes.

Elizabeth said...

These Disney princesses make me crazy, too!!!!! Not to be all rabid women's studies on you, but I especially hate how Disney exoticizes ethnicity, i.e., making the non-white princesses more overtly sexual than their white uber-conservative counterparts. CRAZY, I tell you! First Disney princesses, next lame female characters in horrid popular young adult vampire books. Grrrr.