Friday, March 27, 2009


Do you see that white blanket in the foreground? The one with the baby toys on it? The one where I gently placed my tiny baby and left the room?
Holy Mother of God, someone come help me babyproof this house. We have entirely too many teeny, tiny girl toys with doll shoes the size of rice grains, stickers, goldfish crackers, and tiny hair accessories scattered across the house. Pennies. Unlocked lower cabinets full of cleaning supplies.

He is over here on the kitchen floor right by a Golden Graham and a tiny piece of dried hot pink play-doh. He is "this" close to crawling. He can get up on hands and knees, but then tries to rock and flings himself backwards on to his stomach. So, he ends up scooching around backwards. ACROSS ROOMS, people. He is earlier than Becca on this milestone. But, of course, by this point she was sleeping through the night. (Too bad neither one of them is currently doing that now!)
Becca's latest thing is her "Nature Collection." When we go on walks, she collects rocks and sticks and dried hydrangeas and leaves. She stores them in this bowl and loves playing with them. I just have to keep her from dragging the rocks across the coffee table surface! Maybe she's going to be a geologist like her Grandpa Jack and her mommy!

She also is really into writing thank you notes. She dictates them to me and they're hilarious! She always throws a "Your Majesty" in there.
Thank you for coming to the hospital. Happy Birthday. I love you. Merry Christmas, Your Majesty. Love, Rebecca"


Tracy said...

I LOVE her imagination..
And Andrew, who told him he could get so big? Didn't he get the stay little and cuddly memo?

Natalie said...

NOOO! Nearly crawling already. You see, when I think about having a baby, I think, "Oh, I don't want to go through all THAT again." But, then again, I see how quickly babies like yours are growing, how mine have grown, and now I know how QUICKLY it all passes. My father keeps reminding me how quickly I'll be sending them off to college and I can't even laugh at him anymore b/c it's so true!

Bevo said...

Becca and the great outdoors - it's in her genes! Her Majesty will play in the worm farm when she visits Austin!

Mobility for Andrew - he looks so proud of himself as well he should. All that gathering and lurching takes energy - maybe he'll start sleeping better.

Swistle said...

I am DYING, Your Majesty. DYING.

Jen said...

Wasn't he just born like last MONTH? OMG, it happens too fast.

Um, your floors look awesome, though? Love the wood. =)

And cute thank you note to John. You must be teaching her some good manners to be writing thank you notes at 3!

Grammy Bonnie said...

There are no little ones as charming, adorable, delightful, photogenic, advanced, cuddly, and loved as yours. . . .except maybe J, M, H, W, and D!!!

Laura said...

The thank you notes are priceless. That is the cutest think I have heard in a long time.