Monday, March 16, 2009

Co-Pays Schmo-Pays

I'm going to set up our bank account to empty directly into the pediatrician's, because, frankly, that would just make sense at this point.

Andrew has an ear infection.

Of course. We couldn't possibly all be healthy for longer than 0.3 seconds because it would cause the universe to implode. Apparently.

I wasn't sure whether I should even take him in. His temperature just barely reached 101. It was hardly even a fever. But, I took him anyway, berating myself the entire time for being such an complete FUH-REAK taking my kid in for a tiny cold. Then, I said to myself, "Self. So what if you're crazy? Everyone knows it at this point. It is expected of you. So you might as well just give into it."

Turns out being a freak is a good thing sometimes.


So, on a lighter note. My tulips and daffodils are starting to come up. The mourning (or is it morning? Are they awake? Or are they sad?) doves have returned to our deck to commence with mating as they did last year. I was too warm in my light jacket today. Spring might actually come after all. I couldn't be more ready.


Erin said...

Mourning. Not morning.

See? I AM good for something.

Katie said...

Erin, I was actually thinking about you when I wrote that! I figured you would know! Why are they mourning?

Grammy Bonnie said...

Wikipedia says: Its plaintive woo-oo-oo-oo call gives the bird its name.

Hence "mourning."

Angie said...

Did not know, assumed they were morning. The things I learn from your blog.

Wishing good health for all of you. Yay for spring.

sgtsharp said...

Ben had 4 or so ear infections. He never had any symptoms