Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fevers Flu Effing Fun

She is still SO sick. She seems worse today than yesterday. The second her Motrin wears off she shoots up to 103. She hasn't eaten much since Saturday. Her pants are just falling off of her. She's breathing rapidly (twice as fast as normal). I can't STAND this. I am trying to hold it together, but it is getting harder with each passing day of round-the-clock medicines and temperature taking and the relentless worry.

I talked to the nurse about the breathing yesterday and she said is likely just in response to the fever. She didn't seem worried.

But, how long can someone have a fever? This is ridiculous! I guess it really is a virus, because I don't think the antibiotics are doing shit. Asshole virus.


Okay. Let's talk about something FUN. Like flu vaccines. Do you get them? Why or why not? I gladly get them. GIVE IT TO ME. John gets forced into getting one at the Guard base. He wouldn't get one otherwise. I was torn about getting one for Becca until the doctor told me last year that she would be much less likely to be hospitalized. So, now she gets one because you KNOW I can't stand my kid in the hospital.

But, I really do think she has the flu right now. And they don't seem to ever pick the right strains to vaccinate us with. And it is kind of freaky.....

On the other hand, I am very pro-protect-the-herd mentality with vaccines. I believe in vaccines.

However, is the flu going to become resistant to the vaccines and become super-scary?

What do you think?


Grammy Bonnie said...

Here's the news you are waiting for. There is a new approach to flu vaccines that sort of circumvents the ever changing antigens of the yearly strain varieties and goes straight for the "stem" of the virus that is unchanging. Not ready yet, though. . .
PS: I always get the flu vaccine. Once with the flu is enough!

Mandy said...

Hannah gets the flu vaccine because she's in daycare and her dr highly recommended it. I don't get one, and I work with college students, so I must have Super Immune System, or great luck (so far!). It kind of creeps me out too - the flu seems so illusive that I have a hard time getting the vaccine for myself.

In any case, my best wishes for a healthy household soon! OK - my word verifcation is donap - so, I hope that means there's a nap coming your way!

Tracy said...

like John, Randy also gets the shot. Madison had the chance to get it at school but I opted out. I am all about vaccines, but not that one. I also didn't really want to give the chicken pox vaccine, but mandatory for school. It is just so unpredictable and it seems like they can't get the right strain, so I and my children opt out.

Meg said...

I'm so pro vaccine too, so I would never dream of missing one of the big vaccines. I didn't think I agreed with the chickenpox vaccine until I watched one of our renal kids almost die after being exposed to a classmate who had it. Any kid who's immunosuppressed for any reason can die so easily from it, so I have no problem vaccinating my kids for the sake of others. But like I said yesterday, I just don't see enough benefits in the flu vaccine. I think it's rarely effective and not really tested enough. And many flu vaccines still have preservatives. Noel got it once and got the flu for the first time that year. I've never gotten one and never gotten the flu. And hello, I worked in a hospital for 7 years! I can see how elderly people could benefit from them, but as far as me and my kids, I think good hand washing and good luck gives you the same amount of protection. Hang in there!!! Maybe it's time to break down and let her watch a Barbie movie! : )

capegirlindc said...

maybe this will help: - hope becca is feeling better!