Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Grumpy Is Good

We have a whiny, crabby kid today. THANK GOD. I am so happy to see her ornery self. It means we are on the road to recovery.

Her fever is much lower (still there, but lower and not requiring constant medication). The cough is out of control. If you had been here at 3 a.m. you would have seen me running around cleaning up post-coughing-fit-barf, doing laundry, Andrew screaming in his bouncy seat in the guest room (far away from the flinging phlegm) and Becca coughing over and over.

That was an hour of my life I wish I could have back. To spend it sleeping, perhaps.

Anyway, Peeps. I hate to tell you this, here it is March, and so far my New Year's Prophecy has been true....

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Bevo said...

The flinging phlegm - you do have a way with words!