Sunday, March 01, 2009

Okay, Universe. I Hear you LOUD and CLEAR

*Update at bottom*
Right. SURE we were going to make it to Texas with no health drama. We were to leave tomorrow. Did I really think I would make it down there just fine? No. Of course not.

WHAM! Becca spiked a 104+ fever last night. Vomiting, chills, freaky shaky hallucinating things, nonstop cough. She and I didn't sleep. Well, that's not true, I slept from 6 to 8 a.m.

BAM! Major snowstorm coming through our area tonight.

Travel plans now on hold. I'm trying not to freak out, but when that temporal artery thermometer read 106.5 this morning on Becca? And she was on her hands and knees in the hallway heaving and then all blotchy rashy looking and shaking? I think I lost it. I think that was a fluke reading on the thermometer, but her fever was high. Too high for me.

John is in town, which is nice, but he thinks I'm a total freak. He says I get too worked up. HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa. If he only knew how worked up I really am. And how scared. And how I start to have anxiety attacks thinking this isn't a simple virus. It is something terrible and life-threatening and OH MYGOD what do I do? I'm scared.

And why does this always happen on a weekend? I do not want to go to ER where they will laugh at me and tell me it is just a virus. But, what if it isn't? What if she needs to be seen? I hate this round-a-bout thing in my head. I just want a doctor that does housecalls and then performs psychiatric miracles on me to make me calm the fuck down. Anyone?

When fed a constant diet of Tylenol and Motrin, her fever is in check. Around 101 or 102. She has moments of acting pretty normal, usually about an hour after a Motrin dose, she jumps up and starts acting great. Not hungry or thirsty, but wanting to play. Then, she goes back down to a slump on the couch a few hours later. She is down for bed now and I'm going to bed myself. We are expecting anywhere from 5 to 12 inches of snow tonight, depending on which "EXTREME SEVERE WEATHER 2009! LIVE!" report you watch on TV. So, that means the doctor's office will be closed tomorrow. And the ERs will be jammed. I was SO hoping y'all commenters would get on here and tell me "It is just a virus. Just ride it out. No doctor visit necessary." I am hoping we make it through tonight relatively peacefully and that all will be well in the morning. (Stop laughing at me, Universe!)


Anonymous said...

Take her to the Doctor, by all means. Listen to your maternal instincts. They are ALWAYS right. That fever is just too high. Try a Nighttime Pediatrics or clinic first, but if one of those isn't close by, then ER it should be. Leave John with the baby and take Becca in. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. Oh, and alternate the kids' Ibuprofen and Tylenol until she is seen. Good luck and I hope she gets better QUICKLY!!!!

Bevo said...

My word verification is "heeal" so my wish for Becca is to "heeal" soon. You've had many bad experiences with viruses (fifth disease, pneumonia) so it is perfectly understandable that children's illnesses are frightening for you.

Ann said...

Trust your instincts. I would totally take Jonathan or Jason for the Dr for a fever that high. Can you call the on call doctor at your doctors office for some perspective. Trust your instincts. Trust me you are not the only one who panics when their kids are sick. And like John, Dan always thinks I'm crazy.

Erin said...

OH NO! Take her to the doctor. Easier said than done, I realize, in the midst of an effing SNOWSTORM and on a Sunday. I'm so sorry!

sgtsharp said...

Go with your gut! go to the ER!!

Noo said...

Katie- I call my doctor any hour when things are beyond my understanding, which are a lot. I usually got to talk to the on call nurse. Last bout that Maya had they said to bring her in right away. I wasn't even planning to do that. We have never gone to the ER so don't have that experience. With the last vomiting episode, I realized I didn't have the necessities at home - pedialite and liquid food without sugar and dried crackers. I had to go to the store with the sick child. That wasn't a fun thing. Hope Becca feels better.

Tracy said...

I'm with Bevo! You have had WAY more bouts than I have. I would be freaked out too.
I sure hope tomorrow brings big healing! I hope you get to sleep

Jen said...

That's horrible. With the illnesses Becca and you have had in the past, it's totally reasonable for you to freak out. I just hope she stays well enough that you don't have to take her to the ER, or that if you do it's a short stay. Get well, Becca!

Lysandra said...

I am with anonymous...please take her to the doctor. I don't want her o have another seizure.