Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow White is OUTTA HERE

Things around here are calming down. We are still dealing with a very, verrrry contrary, whiny and grumpy 3-year old, but I'm hoping since she is now off the steroids and weaning off the nebulizer, that she should return to (relative) sweetness one of these days. I desperately, desperately hope.

My mom is still here even though it is my Dad's birthday today. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!! I miss you and love you!) Becca barfed last night after a coughing/gagging fit and I almost cried at the thought of my mom getting on a plane this morning, so she said she'd stay a little longer (thanks to my dad for being so understanding!) It is SO nice having her here. John's been out of town all week and will basically continue to be gone until next Wednesday, so it has been just awesome having someone else here--especially since both my kids seem to be in some kind of intense needy phase right now.

So, we have a new princess obsession around here. Snow White is so last year. Now it is Sleeping Beauty. Aurora. "Named after the dawn." Except, excuse me, but the aurora is NOT the dawn. In fact, it isn't even visible at dawn, so....ummm thanks for teaching my kid the wrong scientific explanation of the aurora borealis, Walt Disney.

Here is her newest song performance, in honor of her Grandpa Jack's 65th birthday. (My neighbor is driven mad by hearing Becca sing this. She says, "She sings so high-pitched." I say, "Well, of course. She's a soprano." I mean, DUH. )

The Gleam in Your Eyes... from Katie "The Yap" on Vimeo.

Every night Becca wants to be told a story. "A long one." And my stories suck BIG TIME. I am terrible at coming up with good stories with plots and morals and anything interesting. Every night she wants a damn story and she insists it have Aurora in it. And, every night around 6 p.m. I start stressing out about what the hell I'm going to tell her tonight. Because if you add in a witch or anything the least bit freaky she is up every hour at night freaking out. So, the stories have to be all hearts and flowers and happiness. Every night it starts with Aurora going for a walk in the woods...then I hem and haw and can't think of anything for Aurora to DO in the woods, aside from looking at the pretty flowers and animals. So, as soon as I've finished with my lame-ass stories, Becca inevitably says, "No. A LONG story." Which is Becca code for, "Your story sucks."

The other night I told her one about a bluebird stealing Aurora's voice and Aurora had to do all this stuff the magician told her to do to get it back. When I was done, Becca said, "That was a GREAT story!" I was more proud than I can ever remember being. Better than getting a 'A' on a term paper in college. YES! I pleased the story-telling critic for once! I RULE.

But, they've been sucky ever since.

One was even about a golden toilet and how Aurora is potty trained.

(It didn't work.)


Nana said...

What a beautiful song, Becca! This is the best long-distance birthday gift you could possibly give your Grandpa Jack! Pretty soon you'll be singing Dona Nobis Pachem in a round!

Natalie said...

What a fabulous little singer you have!

Glad she's on the road to recovery.

Kuddos to you for telling stories before bed. I could never be so creative. Though, my DH is.

Jen said...

OMG, that is SO cute. My girls sing that song, too, but not nearly as clearly as yours! Now I'm gonna look like the copycat posting their version. =)

Isn't it AMAZING how fast one princess can get the boot for another *better* one? Hm?

joanna said...

My girls know that song - loved it - sang it - and recognize the tune whenever they hear it now. They also used to scatter marbles all over the room (or craft fuzzballs) to go "berry picking" - I think there's a slight warning in that from me to you. She's too cute.

Jackson said...

OMG. I didn't listen to the singing the first time. I love it. Ashlyn and I dance to it, but I don't know all the words. I'm impressed.

Ashlyn just wants to read books before bed, but one night in the middle of moving, I told her a story in a pinch. She LOVED it, but was super easy to please. I just added dancing and her friends into the story, and it was great (to her, I mean.)

Jackson said...

actually that last post was Angie. I didn't realize that my SIL was signed into blogger. should have since it's her laptop.