Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patty's Day and Birthday Celebration

Quiz: What do you get when you mix Guinness, ice cream, a blender and whipped cream?
Answer: A Guinness Milkshake (with sunflower seeds on top)
John made these after the kids went to bed last night. And they were GOOOOO-OOOOD! It just tasted like a delicious milkshake with a slight hint of alcohol.

We celebrated John's 35th birthday last night as well. It was 5 days late, but it was the first full day John had been home in about 12 days! And the first day we have all been here and not hospitalized since sometime in February, I think. So, everyone was in a good mood (except Andrew who insisted on being held the entire time lest he commence with day 3 of perpetual ear infection screaming).

A few weeks ago when talk turned to Daddy's birthday Becca said, "Daddy wants a FIRE TRUCK cake!" So, she helped me cook and decorate it.

She placed everything on the cake. Candles were sticking out sideways. Knives were being licked. Safety first in this house.

We had our annual John Birthday Dinner of Steak Aux Poirve (peppercorn filet mignon in cream sauce), loaded mashed potatoes and green beans.

Then of course we lit the cake on fire. Had to give those fire trucks something to do.
Becca has been wanting to learn how to play baseball. So, she picked out a small baseball glove that would fit her, and we wrapped it up for John. She was going to explain to him that it was for them to play with this spring. She hid it in the coat closet about a week ago. I kept telling her to keep it a surprise. Yesterday, when John was alone with her, she said, "Call Mama and ask her if I can tell you about the baseball glove, yet."


The Quinn Report said...


Swistle said...


Elizabeth told me that she was NOT supposed to tell me that she bought me jellybeans for my birthday and so she was NOT going to.

Tracy said...

Can he make me one? I will be right over!

Bevo said...

Happy Birthday, John, and many happy returns of the day! Have fun playing catch with Becca!

SgtSharp said...

Mashed Potatoes! EWWWWWWWWW!
Happy Bday, L.T.

Cheryl said...

Happy belated to John. I LOVE the cake and the love that went into it. Also glad to know that I'm not the only one with a child who screams bloody murder at times when they don't get held IMMEDIATELY! Miss you guys!

Andrea_Ben said...


I love the picture with Becca in the backgroud - CLASSIC!