Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Procrastinators R Us

When I start blogging with much frequency...and joining Twitter (find me here). You can bet I'm avoiding something. Like cleaning the house. And cleaning out the refrigerator. And that it must be American Idol night. Bye bye, Lil Rounds! I hope Matt goes home too. I just don't like him and I cannot believe the judges saved him. I like Allison alright, but don't get the mad love for her. She always sounds flat to me. I still really like Anoop. Kris is growing on me, Adam is definitely very good--depsite the constant falsetto singing--and Gokey is...kind of blah lately.

But look! I have begun organizing my carry-on bag.
*bag of snacks
*"emergency" bag with extra baby clothes, thermometer, burp rag and black pashmina (for use as blanket, nursing cover, jacket, etc. This is my must-have travel item)
*bag with extra diapers
*bag with medicines (motrin, tylenol, benedryl, triaminic), sanitizers, lotions
*bag of new toys and surprises
*diaper changing supplies
*inhaler supplies
I think this may be like a form of anorexia or bulimia or something...trying to control (with hyper-organization) the uncontrollable (travelling with kids).

Note what is lacking: any form of reading material or entertainment for me. I just open the backpack and take solace in the fact that I know where everything is. When I see people travelling alone, complaining about ANYTHING, I want to bitch slap them. Excuse me. You are ALONE. You can sit there in silence and READ something of your own choosing that contains no Disney princesses. What could you possibly find to complain about?

I can't forget to pack these. Hello, lovers.

Oh yes. We have antibiotics! We have backup for Andrew, in case his cold doesn't improve soon (which it totally is...improving, that is). And Becca has an ear infection! I love ear infections. Seriously. If there is a reason for my kid's fever that can be remedied with simple medications and doesn't end in hospitalization. Bring it, my friend. My four favorite words in the English language: "Yup! She needs antibiotics!"


Tracy said...

I totally hear you on the ear infections.

I think I must suffer from the same 'disorder' as you. I didn't look at that picture and cringe..I looked at it and my heart skipped a beat at what a great plan you have.
I haven't taken a book on a plane in years. What's the point, it is just more weight you have to tote around and its not like you EVER get to read it.. My kids have mastered the plane ride for me. Madison falls asleep first, right after takeoff. Cait's mouth keeps running until the flights half way point. That's when her mouth finally goes in her mouth and she nods off. I settle in for a nap and five minutes (no kidding the max is 10 min)later, Madison wakes up.. LOVELY! So reading, what's that?

Tracy said...

Damn, long winded much?

Guess I haven't seen you in F.O.R.E.V.E.R. is sickness season over yet?

Katie said...

Tracy, I'm so jealous that your kids sleep! We'll see how it goes, but Becca is definitely NOT a napper on planes!

The Quinn Report said...

Safe travels, and I hope we get to see you!

Laura said...

Where are you going? And I do the exact same thing - everything separated and organized in gallon zip lock bags. Great for carry ons. Good luck.

sgtsharp said...

Wheres your bottle of Dammitall?

Andrea and Ben said...

I have to say it - you are INSANE! Or is this what life comes to when you have two kids and travel alone. God, I am fearful!