Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Everything is FINE!!!

I'm into a new phase of H1N1 Virus freakout. This phase is called Armed Avoidance. I am avoiding media coverage. I'm trying not to click on headlines.

(And, by trying, I mean only clicking on the top headlines and not actively googling "swine flu texas holy shit we're all going to die! OMG!!!! SAVE ME!")

(Or, at least only googling that once a day.)

(Or twice.)

So. That's improvement. I haven't watched nonstop media coverage today. And we left the house, though I was armed with spray Lysol and hand sanitizer at all moments. I went to Target this morning to stock up on baby food and Lysol and toddler sandals (because we have to be prepared for a potential quarantine by looking super cute, of course). It was DESERTED. I mean, ghost town deserted. I parked right up by the front. The carts were ALL there. There was no one in there. The checker said it was because of the swine flu. I know of three local school districts who have closed all schools until AT LEAST May 11. So, of course, I just picture all those kids wandering around the town slobbering their virus germs on everything.
Anyway, despite all that, we've been having a truly wonderful time. Some photos:Funny thing is, I don't mind dirt. I like dirt. I like my kid to get dirty outside. I like her to lick rocks and bite tree bark and dig in the mud and get grass stains on her clothes and then I don't care if she eats before washing her hands. So, I'm not completely freaky. Only mostly.


Angela said...

You are so brave!! I am still sitting here (just around the corner from you) in my house. I am getting cabin fever!! Actually, Ellen does have a fever. I think it is what Luke had. Wish we were well to see you!

Tracy said...

I have stopped (mostly) clicking on the headlines, but i have become very OCD with washing mine and the girls hands.

Did you check out the big news over at MoMommy?

Oh and did I mention we will be in a water park water this weekend..Oh heaven help me!

Angie said...

The neighborhood schools are closing around here now. They aren't confirmed cases (in this county at least,) but 13 kids were out with "flu-like" symptoms.

Katie said...

BTW, those pictures are from the days before swine flu really arrived here. We have only left the house today and it was to go south--away from the counties that have it! :)

Jen said...

1. I love these pictures.

2. I cannot believe how big or how cute that baby boy of yours is.

Hope everyone stays healthy!

The Quinn Report said...

Okay, I can tell just by the photo that you went to Chuy's! Damn, I love that place!