Thursday, April 02, 2009


Somehow these don't look as bad on my screen as they did printed out. Maybe it is the watermark. is the sickly and dark eye-ringed baby who refused to smile. Oh wait. He almost smiled. Once. And of course, Becca didn't.
So, once again I ordered the one of both of them that is so cute of Becca. One day I'll get them both smiling. One fine day.
And behold the grease stain on the bottom green portion of her dress. I didn't buy this particular one, but it shows you how cute her Easter dress was. Now she will have to wear a different cute dress for Easter. Oh well! It was super cute.

As usual, I'm second-guessing the prints I bought. I ordered this photo. But I kind of wish I had ordered this one instead.Or maybe not. None of them are really all that. So. meh. Oh well. The only casualty was the Easter dress....and they did give me a $50 credit on the photos. So I guess you'll see me going through all this again in a couple months. I never learn.


molly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the kids looking at each other. Great choice, I think.

And I really like the one of Becca twirling, grease stain, and all!

Tracy said...

I think you picked the right one too. I really like that picture..
We can set up the mock photo shoot anytime you want at my house. We'll get some good ones! And if we don't, we could always put him on a pumpkin again!!

Angie said...

You are reminding me that I really must get something for Christopher to wear for Easter. Boy shopping is just not a lot of fun. I love Becca's dress, any hope on getting the grease stain out?

The Quinn Report said...

So fun... you will look back on these one day and laugh (forgetting all the effort, pain in the ass, and money you put forth into doing such a thing!) I'm beginning to think that the ones that show the most character, end up being the best !

Natalie said...

Great outfits. Especially the dress and I do love the one of Becca twirling too!

Laura said...

I think the pics are great. So what if he's not smiling. He still looks cute.

Swistle said...

No, you made the right choice: the one of them looking at each other is adorable and natural. The one of them looking at the camera is adorable of both of them, but it looks forced, and Becca's smile looks faked.

The one of the two of them where he's not quite smiling was definitely the right choice, too: he looks PLEASANT even though he's not doing a big smile.

Bevo said...

Andrew has the most darling, adorable, sweet smile ever - I can see why you're bummed that the photographer didn't catch it!

The twirling Becca is fabulous!