Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Family Tradition

Like Father
Like Son
This boy just makes me melt. He is so sweet and delicious and chunky. Just like the best, most creamy chocolate bar you've ever had.
He has just discovered his feet, and lies on his back holding on to them. He is also sitting pretty well now, though I don't leave him unattended, because he will fling himself backwards with no notice.
He makes this "Mmmmm" sound and stares directly at Becca, leaning towards her, willing her to look his way. "Mmmmmmm!" Then, when she does look at him, he breaks into a full body grin. His smile is huge and his body spazzes out. She's looking at me! She's talking to me! I love her so much! She can get him to laugh like no one else. He loves eating his oatmeal and rice cereal....his sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, apples, pears, bananas...in fact, we have yet to find a food he doesn't like (except for bottles. He hates those with a passion) And look at his baby fat. Delicious. I am trying to soak in every single second I have with him. He is growing and changing so fast. And while I delight in each new milestone, part of me mourns the passing of his babyhood. It is going by too fast. I want to remember the way he grabs the (very painful) back part of my hair and immediately tries to stuff it in his mouth. I want to remember how when I hold him he puts both is arms out wide and bounces around. I want to remember how he grins each and every time he sees himself in the mirror. I hope I can always remember him just as he is now.


Erin said...

WOW. That photo comparison is ASTOUNDING. I love it.

And Andrew is SO ADORABLE. He could not possibly be cuter.

Andrea_Ben said...

That post made me a little sad. He is sooo adorable, but you are right, it goes toooo fast! Sweet photos :0)

The Quinn Report said...

I know, I wish I could freeze Tavin just the way he is right this very moment!!!

Bevo said...

Andrew is the cutest baby on Earth and was the most beautiful newborn grandson ever... It is hilarious to watch him madly pursuing Becca's attention. Maybe he's practicing techniques to use later on his girlfriends! His smile will make them MELT. And Becca is yet to learn the power she wields. I can just hear her in a few years: "Andrew, go get ..." (Just kidding, Katie...)

Cheryl said...

Katie, he is indeed delicious, precious, and unforgettable. That smile will stay with you forever....if the mind starts to go, pull out the 5 gajillion photos you have of him! Squeeze him for me!