Friday, April 03, 2009

Fun Fact Friday**

*I am a very UN-picky eater. The only thing I can remember refusing to try is steamed silk worms in Korea. Oh, and the live octopus that you try to swallow without choking. Other than that, I will pretty much try anything.

*This is likely because I grew up with my dad who makes such dishes as squid spaghetti. Really. He does. (And it is good!)

*I am (mostly) a morning person. Though, when nursing an infant three or more times a night, I don't want to get up. Ever.

*Bed linens call to me. When I look through the Pottery Barn catalog I am always drawn to the pictures of new sheets and crisp duvets. Back when I had a job (oh, the glory days), I would buy totally new bedding every time we moved.

*When we ended up here, I had at least 5 sets of king-sized bedding. I sold most of them.

*I want new bedding. Something calming in a nice bluish/greenish/greyish color. With white sheets.

*Clutter bothers me.

*Dust doesn't.

*I've heard it explained that if you have a really orderly mind, that you don't mind clutter. But if you have a cluttery/jumbled mind, clutter annoys you. I have a jumbled mind. And I have a cluttered house. I might implode.

*When people say, "It isn't dirty, it is just cluttered," I don't believe them. Because how could it be clean underneath because you have to pick up the clutter for it to be clean?

*I do believe it can be uncluttered and dirty.

*I have a strange obsession with Nautical themed baby clothes.


The rest are Becca....

*I think I'm at my best when busy and scheduled. Not hectic, but doing a lot.

*Once I volunteered for the National Parks Service when we lived in Del Rio. I walked around with a park ranger who was collecting glass fragments as an archaeology study. I felt like I was just looking for trash. I only did it for one day.

*Fall used to be my favorite season. Then I had kids. Now summer is my favorite.

*If I could be anywhere right now, I think I'd go here. This is the view from a room where we stayed in Maui. Ahhhhh.

*I used to iron (some of) my clothes before class in college. I would get out the ironing board and iron before my 8 o'clock class? What was I thinking? I don't even own anything that requires ironing anymore.

*Further proving my questionable fashion choices.... I also thought this was an acceptable outfit for a date in college. I wonder if I ironed it?
*My first job out of college was as a winery tour guide in Del Rio, Texas. I gave tours and poured wine-tasting samples. Until then, I only liked white zinfandel. Since then I haven't even tasted white zin. I would rather eat my own hair.

*The winery owner told me I could have wine with my lunch. I never did. I totally should have.

**(Originally Tess's idea, then Erin continued it.)


Swistle said...

It was the '90s, right? Flannel was TOTALLY acceptable date-wear in the '90s. And it's not like your date is wearing a suit.

molly said...

I'm here to testify that you ironed your clothes before class in college.

Agreeing with Swistle: flannel was totally acceptable date-wear in the 90s. Esp when untucked and worn with jeans and hiking boots. God help us all.

Bevo said...

Can't believe that I didn't properly train you how NOT to iron. So sorry! I guess you had to learn it on your own!

sgtsharp said...

So you liked Lutefisk?? YUCK!!! I ate some weird shit in the Far East myself but I was drunk.
I used to & still Iron my date clothes. but WTF is date?

Tracy said...

u didn't have wine with lunch? Oh how your tastes have changed.

Erin said...


A live octopus? I just choked on the IDEA of it. Gross.

Interesting about the clutter. I always THINK I have a cluttered mind, but clutter doesn't really bother me. Hmmm.

lisa said...

Im totally with you on the sheets. But I have this thing about touching them before buying them (which makes shopping over the internet difficult)....I hate sheets that are too 'crunchy' that no amount of fabric softener can save. My mother-in-law has silk sheets in their guest room and I hate those too.....I might as well sleep in plastic wrap they are so clingy and hot. I just recently got some PB ones on clearance that, despite their promise of organic softness, are a bit crunchy but tolerable.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. You say you want a a nice bluish/greenish/greyish color in your bedroom? Does this mean I have to start over on your quilt? Or will you have come round again to a nautical themed bedroom, so that a red, white, and blue quilt will fit into the color scheme? I'd hate to spend so much time making a quilt that will lie in a box for twenty years.
(Great) Aunt Linda