Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

  • Every night I bring a glass of water up to my room with me. But I never remember to bring the glasses down in the morning. So, I usually have about four glasses of water up there. And I don't usually even drink the water either.

  • I'm scared of perfume while pregnant and/or breastfeeding. I hate it when I pick Andrew up from the nursery at the gym and he is saturated in someone's perfume. But I want to wear my favorite fragrances (The Body Shop White Musk and Ralph Lauren Blue). So I spray and then turn around and walk backwards into the suspended droplets.

  • I called the usual babysitter today for a last minute request. And, when the doorbell rang, it wasn't her. I was completely perplexed. It was a different, younger babysitter who I haven't used since Andrew was born. I pretended that she was exactly who I was expecting and left her with two kids and not much instructions. She did fine. How the hell did I call the wrong babysitter?

  • I spent all week thinking of fun facts, and now can't remember any of them.

  • Speaking of forgetting, my mom was supposed to go to her book club where they were discussing a book she had read about Alzheimer's. She forgot about it and didn't go! (Not my fun fact, but still a fact. And rather funny, if you ask me. Hi, Mom!)

  • I was reading a trashy tabloid story about OctoMom yesterday, and it was saying she was an unfit mother for (among other reasons), not bathing one of the babies for days. Well. Someone tell CPS to come confiscate my baby, because Andrew only gets a bath about once a week (Becca is every other night). It is such a pain in the ass to bathe a baby before they can sit up and play and when it is winter and freezing upstairs and there is another crazy kid running around.

  • I don't understand what we're supposed to do with our newly decorated Easter eggs. Do you just put them in the fridge and occasionally open the door to look at them? Can you leave them out at room temperature (hard boiled)? Does the Easter bunny take them and hide them? What the hell?


Kristi said...

I'm having the same Easter Egg conundrum!

Swistle said...

1) You know what you need, is a potted tree in your room. You can dump the water in there and only have to deal with the empty cup. Er, not that that's a huge help. But a potted tree would be super cool!

2) SERIOUSLY, the bathing thing! I KNOW!!

3) Here is what you do with the eggs. You decorate them the day before Easter. Then you eat them on Easter, to line everyone's tummies before the sugar goes down. You don't hide them; you hide plastic eggs with non-chocolate (because of melting issues) candy inside. There! I can boss your life on other topics, too, if you like.

Anonymous said...

No, No! You put the eggs back in their carton on Saturday night, alongside some carrots and maybe a note. The bunny hides them in 1 room for Becca to find. It'll be one of her favorite traditions.

-Anonymous Mary

Katie said...

Anonymous Mary,
Let's just hope she finds them all. Otherwise, next week I'll be sniffing saying "What is that awful rotten egg smell!?"

That is a good tradition. I like it! More egg hunting, with less candy!!

Anonymous said...

Leave the eggs out for the Easter Bunny to eat - like cookies for Santa. Then dump them down the disposal or make egg salad after the kids go to bed.

Mom said...

We used to let the eggs sit around in a basket for a few days and then we threw them out.

About forgetting the book club... At least I finished the book several days BEFORE the discussion. It could have been worse - I could have been madly reading the book THAT DAY and then forgotten to go.

The Quinn Report said...

Yes, my eggs are just sitting on the counter! I figure that by tomorrow, I'll throw them in the yard, throw Salem out the door with her Easter basket, shut/lock the door behind her, and run like hell to go hide somewhere in silence for a few minutes!

sgtsharp said...

Egg Salad!!! YUMMY!!!!

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