Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

*I don't have much of a sweet tooth. I would much rather have seconds at dinner, or potato chips or popcorn or cheese with olives. Something salty. In fact, I'm eating the remainder of a can of Bacon Ranch Pringles at the moment.

*I cannot bring myself to drink regular soda. It is diet (Coke Zero, mostly) or nothing.

*I have never cooked brussels sprouts. But actually like them.

*My favorite wine is Pinot Noir. Or Sauvignon Blanc.

*I grew up with two female cats named Groucho and Princess. I used to pronounce "Princess" as "Piss Wiss" when I was younger. Groucho slept on my pillow. I adored cats and begged and begged for another cat after they died. My parents said no.

*I am now quite allergic to cats (confirmed by an allergy test, this isn't one of those fantasy allergies like when people say they're allergic [air quotes] to smoke). But, don't worry, Mom and Dad. I don't blame you (much!)

*A stray cat sort of adopted us when we lived in Del Rio. We named him Toonces. He was not fixed. He was the first un-fixed cat I've ever seen. It was gross. We tried to bring him in our apartment once, and he freaked out.

*Del Rio had a really bad 100-year flood and Toonces disappeared.

*A few weeks later he came running out from under a car, all disheveled and crazed-looking. I wonder what he had been through. Maybe a spectacular car crash?


Swistle said...

I don't like regular soda, either. It's syrupy and non-thirst-quenching.

Meg said...

Ha ha! Ok..I knew all of those except the part about your childhood cats. Never knew that. Poor toonces. I felt so sorry for him! You know, the "replacement" cat we got Taylor is from south tx. How crazy would it be if she was related to toonces?

The Smith's said...

Coke Zero sucks!! What is wrong with you?

Cheryl said...

I LOVE Toonces! Still remember the one where he spoke French. Certainement!

sgtsharp said...

I remember Groucho & Princess. Groucho had a mustach the looked Groucho Marxs. I remember when I was about 14 or so I was hoding one of the cats in your grandparents home in Pine City & someone let in the dogs & I was used as a human scatch post.
Coke Zero isnt bad. beats the hell out of most other diet soda, they mostly taste like No# 2 Diesel Fuel.
I personally go though salt then sweet cavenings
But I do like a Cab Sauv & Strawberrys dip in Chocolate. Yummy.

Bevo said...

Sorry about the cats - I love them, too. It's just such a pain to deal with pets when you travel frequently! And clawing the furniture is a problem, too - we never had the heart to declaw them.

Angie said...

I don't get the sweet thing. You take the chips, I'll eat the cookies. And, if I'm not going to drink a real coke, I'd much rather have water. Allen keeps trying to convince me to drink coke zero.