Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hack Hack Cough Barf Snot Repeat

Just got back from the specialist. He is treating Becca for asthma and allergies. She didn't test positive for any allergies on the test (other than a very slight reaction to dust), but the doc says it is very common for young kids to actually be allergic to something in the environment (pollen, etc.) but it doesn't show up on their allergy tests until they are older. Her cough is "classic asthma" he said.

So, we'll proceed this way for a while and once everything is calmed down, we'll start weaning her down off the medicines. He says not treating asthma is bad and can lead to permanent airway destruction and lifelong asthma. She has a better chance of outgrowing it if we get it under control now. Fine by me! I like control. She's on a Symbicort inhaler twice a day and Zyrtec once a day.

Thank the baby Jesus. We need a break from the Snot Parade and Cough Fest 2009. Becca needs one. And I need one. Preferrably an all expenses paid, all drinks included break to a deserted tropical island where no one whines and no one barfs and no one wakes up crying four times a night.

(Can someone please bring me a drink in a coconut with an umbrella before I wake up from this fantasy? Oh, and maybe send someone over to fold the laundry. KTHANKSBYE)


sgtsharp said...

I sometimes think I wake up & I'll be at home in my own bed & still have to get up & go to skool.
Katie this too will pass.

Jen said...

Oh no. I hope this solves the sickies for you guys. Yuck.

Also, when you're done with the person folding your laundry, send them over here asap. Thanx.

Swistle said...

Ped just said the same about William's cough, and said if it doesn't clear up by summer (SUMMER!!) we'll start meds. Pretty soon I'm going to start LYING to doctors if they keep imposing lonnng time thingies like this.

Laura said...

Do either you or John have asthma?

Katie said...

Swistle--Lie! I usually add a day or a degree to the fever to get seen. I do not care. I have no shame. Lie away!

Katie said...

No asthma. John had weird lung stuff as a kid and now has eczema and I have allergies (cat, grass, etc). The doc said that means we both carry an "allergy gene" and our children are screwed. Great.