Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I do not recommend changing your movie viewing plans based upon your waiter's suggestion. We were all set to see Adventureland, and when the waiter asked what we were seeing, he cringed and we talked about Super Bad and how Adventureland was nowhere near as good and was a disapointing stupid love story, etc. And we should totally see I Love You, Man instead.

So we did. And we shouldn't have. John hated it intensely. I thought it was okay until the most horrifiying projectile vomit scene ever. Why, people? What is up with the vomiting in the movies?

Oh well. We did manage to stay out until after 10! Incredible. I know.


Next up on my Bitch Blog: We have more coughing and snot and barfing and nighttime crying. And dear GOD. That stupid-ass New Year's Curse is hounding the shit out of me. I cannot take this and I'm super-pissed at myself because I gave Becca some nighttime cough and cold medicine last night because the snot was out of control and the coughing/barfing was going to just kill me dead on the spot--as if the last two solid months of snot weren't enough. Then, this morning I read the instructions for the specialist we're seeing tomorrow. I was not supposed to give her any medicine like that for FIVE days preceeding the appointment. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Does someone have a vehicle with an escape hatch in it? I need to borrow it.


I broke my elbows. John and I were at the gym yesterday and decided to shoot some hoops before our workout. And now my elbows are so sore I can hardly touch them. How does shooting a basketball for 10 minutes do that to someone? How? And my feet are already broken from attempting to run on a treadmill. Getting in shape blows.


On a lighter note (pun intended)...I just got asked to sing a solo in church on Sunday....and I've never sung the song before (I Know My Redeemer Liveth from Handel's Messiah). So, I guess I should quit my bitching and get to practicing. It isn't the most exciting song, but that makes it a little easier to cram and learn.


Kristi said...

You can start judging now, I thought I Love You, Man was hilarious! The vomit scene was gross, though.

Good luck on the solo!!

Swistle said...

OMM, I LOVE Handel's Messiah!