Sunday, April 19, 2009

Roll You Like You Were Dice

I don't want to write about this, because I want to write about picnics and springtime and girls' night out karaoke. I don't want to write about this because my GOD this is getting old (Do you hear me 2009? So far I am not impressed).... we have another EFFING fever. And we had a sleepless night filled with crying and complaining about an ear ache. So we went to the urgent care place this morning and were told that "Yes. Her ear looks a little dull, but it isn't infected yet."

Dull? What the HELL does that mean? It means no infection. No quick antibiotic fix. It just requires having Mommy cater to every whim and sleep in the child's bed all night while she tosses and turns and cries and moans and holds her ear and doesn't fall asleep for more than 5 minutes at a time until 4 mother-flappin' a.m. Mommy does not take to this kindly after returning from her first girls' night out in.....years. (Where, coincidentally, Mommy totally rocked Bette Davis Eyes). It means Mommy is going to lose her freaking mind.

John just left for a four day trip. So, you can take a gander at my state of mind today. Cheery! Happy! Sunny! Wanting to jump off the nearest bridge!

(Okay. Not really. But I'd love to crawl under the nearest bridge--alone--with a sleeping bag.)

I didn't want to write about all that. What I did want to write about was Becca's fun day yesterday. John took her and one of her friends to see the Sleeping Beauty movie playing at a library in Baltimore. They had a ball wearing matching dresses and running wild along busy streets (You can tell Mama wasn't in charge at this point! Mama might have hyperventilated a little when she saw these photos. But Mama was very pleased that Daddy actually took the camera and took pictures, so she kept her mouth shut). They had a ball plugging their noses when they smelled the stench coming up from steam vents. We gotta get these suburbanized kids out more.Becca was so excited to go see Sleeping Beauty with her friend. I was so excited to have a few hours to take a shower and clean the house! (It's the little things...)

And, in other news, Andrew's first tooth popped through overnight.
He is in a fantastic mood today! And there is something about a happy baby that makes all seem right with the world.


Bevo said...

I wish we could find the photo... but, the picture of Becca and her friend reminds me of when Grammy Bonnie's dad took Grammy B and me out for lunch at the Oak Grill in Dayton's (back in the day when that restaurant required ladies to be accompanied by a gentleman.)

Grammy Bonnie, do you have the picture of us? We were wearing Easter bonnets!

Anyhow, the point: it is SO special when daughters go out with dads!

Grammy Bonnie said...

That is a photo that is embedded in my brain, but I can't bring it up in the flesh. Instead try this youtube video of the Hallelujah Chorus. Off topic, but entertaining:

The Quinn Report said...

That SUCKS a big one!

On another note, DUDE, I want to hear you sing one of these days! Did you sing the older on newer one (Gweyneth Paltrow?) I love that song!

Angie said...

No, not more sickness. All of the previous pictures look like fun pre-fever, though.

Tracy said...

LOVE that John took not only Becca but a friend too!

Andrea_Ben said...

Becca looks so excited to be running wild without a crazy momma chasing her ;0)

Unrelated note - my word verification for today was mints.