Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To Medicate? Or Not?

Andrew had his 6-month old checkup today (even though he's now closer to 7 months than 6. Second baby). He has had a growth spurt and is now up to the 50% for height and 50-60% for weight. The doctor was surprised he grew so much because he has had nonstop SNOT and COLDS and COUGHS for more than TWO WEEKS. I know. I know. I'm pretty much hating 2009 so far. But, for some reason I do not freak out--and totally lose my shit-- about him like I do about Becca. (At least not yet.) Talk to me next year, when I'll likely be in a straight jacket, hiding in a disinfected corner, crying about cold and flu season (which, apparently, lasts 6 months out of the freaking year).

Anyway, she wrote out a prescription for antibiotics. She said to wait until Monday... and if he isn't better (after more than THREE WEEKS)... to fill it.

But...umm.... I'm tempted to fill it now. Because maybe, just maybe, we could be snot free around here for a split second. Maybe? Or is that just wishful, fantasy world thinking?

So, Andrew got his vaccinations and then went to bed for the night at 5:30 p.m. What the hell?

I'm watching Jon and Kate pack for a 24 hour trip with their 8 kids. I could TOTALLY watch people pack for hours straight. I'm fascinated by watching other people pack. Couldn't you? In fact, if there was Packing Network on TV, I would watch that shit nonstop.

I am especially fascinated by watching people with a million kids pack for a trip. Because if they can do it with a million kids, I can do it with two. And I'm realizing that I'm (....whispering here, don't want to piss off the universe...) travelling to Texas in a week. Exactly a week.

And I haven't even started freaking out or packing yet. I'd better get on that.

(If I could eat anything right now it would be a Reese's peanut butter egg.)


Tracy said...

damn you are funny! Oh and I have packing down to 45 minutes for all three. I packed myself for a week (with three pair of shoes) in one side of a 21" upright suitcase. I also packed the girls in a very small, carry themselves suitcase. Make the list now, and then when you go to pack, follow the list and don't look back! Remember, Texas has washing machines and Targets.

Judy said...

Am so-o-o-o sorry you stress so much,when you stress , they stress , even more. Nick and Reina started taking the kids all out to eat from the get-go,Castle , Pikes, and the Pump House , NEVER a problem.They started this new baby , going out to eat about 3 weeks old , and he does great , like the others. Just be calm,and guarantee that's the way they will react.You've got two beautiful kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Quinn Report said...

PREPARE!!!! My little ones have had TERRIBLE allergies here the past couple of weeks! Do you have them? Do you notice a change in Becca when you're here? Not sure what in the hell it is, but is SUCKS! It has caused Tavin to have difficult breathing and I have to take him to get "checked" at Randolph 2-3 x's per week (due to high respirations.) All around... shitty!

I am glad to hear that you're coming here!!!!

Meg said...'re coming home??? Why didn't I know about this? You just made my day! Yes, I would totally fill that script (but that doesn't mean much since it's coming from me I guess!). My pedi told me once that if they're congested and they fly they'll more than likely get an ear infection, so you might as well be proactive about it. I've gotten rather jaded by Jon and Kate since they get so many perks. It was much more realistic when they were just another stressed out couple trying to make it. But I do like the packing's almost like watching a sort of freakshow...I CANNOT imagine trying to pack up 8 kids. I would be come a homicidal manic. And I still want more info on how she kept her weekly grocery bill under $200. Now that's impressive. The pollen here is horrid...bring your Claritin.

sgtsharp said...

Jon & Kate never heard of it. but then again its not spike tv,the history channel,the military or boomerang ( my kids watch educational cartoons:the old warner brother cartoons 1940s thru 1960s)

Bevo said...

Meg's right - the oak pollen has been at its height recently.

Tracy and Kunky are right - We have Target and washing machines -you are not coming into enemy territory! (Unless you condider oak the enemy...)

Just get here! I have Pony Treats!!

Anonymous said...

What is a pony treat? Is it as awesome as a Reeses peanut butter egg?

Katie said...

A pony treat is a DISGUSTING "fruit" snack thing with My Little Pony licensed characters. VOMIT. But Becca will DO ANY THING for a "pony treat." Seriously. Anything. Except become fully potty trained, of course.

Natalie said...

Ummm, sorry, but what did the peds doc give you antibiotics for? Does he have an ear infection? I used to see a great peds doc at Wainwright (I forget his name - he wasn't there long before he PCS'd again, I don't think). He refused me antibiotics once when I brought Liv in for a month-long snotty, green oozing nose. He told me the green was fungus-related and that antibiotics could just make it worse and that kids under 2 (I think he said two) do not have open sinuses and therefore cannot get a true sinus infection. He never gives out antibiotics for snotty noses. He was a younger doctor...anyhow, that the consensus here in Portugal (at least w/my doctor) too. But, honestly, I never know who to believe anymore. Medicine and kids is so damn overwhelming and so personal w/in each family b/c only we parents truly know our kids.

Packing - YIKES. Do NOT get me started. We are going to Ireland at the end of the month and we get charged something like 30E per bag. Oh, and that includes car seats for kids over age two. But, the airline still gave us the best deal on round trip Lisbon-Dublin tickets.