Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Where I Have Been

Getting crappy studio pictures taken of my children. One of whom REFUSED to smile and decided to come down with a cold the day before and has dark circles under his unsmiling eyes and one of whom somehow got black grease all over her brand new Easter dress five seconds before the photo. Whoever thought swivel stools that require grease to swivel in a waiting area for kids was a smart idea is an IDIOT.

So, the photos sucked. Especially poor Andrew's. He looks sickly and upset in all of them. It didn't help that I was trying to get him to sit up and Becca was supposed to be holding him against her, but something happened and he crashed onto his face.

Whatever. I don't even care. Really. I don't. I made the effort to have equal photo sessions between my two babies and whatever else happens is....fine. Seriously. My expectations have officially been lowered on photos. Into the dungeon.

I've also been entertaining at our house a lot. Tonight is the third night in a row to have dinner guests. Only tonight it will be a family member! John's brother -in-law visiting from Texas. So, we're totally excited to actually have family come visit!

Last night we had some new neighbors over. And boy. There is nothing to make you appreciate your own children than someone else's children who are totally out of control. Becca is like a complete angel from heaven. That's all I'm going to say.


Tracy said...

wow! that's it? All we get? No pictures to let us decide for ourselves? You must be super busy entertaining. How can we decide if you are right or not with the photos without evidence? :)

Jen said...

Oh, the dreaded professional pictures. HATE. They are always miserable. Especially with more than one child. I hope the grease came out of Becca's dress.

To have people over! For dinner! That sounds fabulous. Good for you.

And perspective is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I almost always feel better about my girls after spending time with certain children.

Katie said...

Photos are coming!!! I haven't had time. Don't worry. But do come over for leftovers.

For some reason I thought having ONE person over for dinner meant I had to cook enough for a family of 8. We have way too much food in the fridge!

Tracy said...

friday day?

Dad said...

Ha ha!

Now you know what your Mom used go through with you and David!