Monday, May 25, 2009

Green(ish) Black Thumb

We're on a home improvement kick. If by "home improvement" you mean talking all morning about how we should improve the home and discussing many options, then doing nothing and instead retreating to the bed for a nap (me) or to the basement for video games (John), or by just shrieking a lot and generally being unhelpful (kids).

Becca and I did manage to get a garden dug out and planted. I dug and dug and pulled up sod and wrestled with roots and buried rocks and sweated and cursed. The whole time I envisioned my large, abundant garden, bursting with fresh organic vegetables. We went to the farmers' market to get some plantlings to gingerly smash into the ground (thank you, Becca). Then, we sat back and admired our handiwork. It was then I realized that my garden plot, is more of a garden spot. It is tiny. And rather pathetic looking.
Next, I realized it only gets full sun in the mornings.



The Smith's said...

Love it. Had a little chuckly when I saw the last photo. Sounds like me... That is why I planted tomatoes in pots this year. I wish I could have a big garden, like when I was growing up. Someday.

Sorry I haven't commented lately. I've been keeping up just been too crazy to comment. Now, I am supposed to be mowing but instead blogging.

Great. Wilson is supposed to be sleeping and I am hearing the sounds of laughter and toys... This is why I haven't commented.

Miss you all.

lisa said...

Its so cute. There will be less to weed this way. :)

Andrea_Ben said...

hahahaha, that garden is hilariously small!! you guys are too cute :0)

Tracy said...

Mine only gets full sunlight in the afternoon, so our two gardens would work perfectly together!

Oh and that video is...TO DIE FOR!

Jen said...

Haha! Love the plot. Hey, at least you're trying. And at least you have soil that you can plant things in!