Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Moment

We got back last night (actually, this morning) at 1:30 a.m. after travelling for thirteen hours. I do not understand why it takes an ENTIRE day to get from Florida to Maryland. Well, I do understand, but it is a complicated equation involving standby travel and full flights and driving around to various airports and frantically calling the airline and Tracy (thank you!) to check which flights had room. The kids were nearly perfect travellers. I couldn't have been prouder of them! Andrew didn't make a peep on the flight. They both fell asleep before the wheels were even off the ground.

Then, when the plane landed, they both woke up. We got home and back to sleep after 1:30 a.m. And, Becca was so excited to back with her toys that she got up at 6:30. I almost cried when I saw the time. Life as usual.

I got up and ran out to the grocery store (Where I bought the most yummy chips --Doritos Late Night Last Call Jalapeno Popper flavor. Get it if you like spicy chips. Delish.) John is out at the gym. Andrew is napping. Becca is already down the street playing with her friends. I am sitting here taking a deep breath, wondering why it is so rainy, and remembering what it is like to be at home.

So, bottom line: the kids are happy to be home and acting well rested. The parents are exhausted, but also glad to be back.

I have to go because there are 133 phone messages to listen to and 130,409 email messages to answer, a bag of chips to eat and a (hopefully) very long nap to take! I'll fill you in on our beach trip later. It was wonderful.....I miss the sun and sand already.

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Jen said...

That is the weirdest name for chips, but they sound good! Can't wait to hear about the trip. Sun and sand. Aaaah.