Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here I go with some more photos from our trip, lest you think I'm actually ready to start posting about stuff like the garden I attempted to break into the grass today and how retarded and small it is, or how I actually enjoyed renting a mini van in Florida. Because that, my friends, is just sad.

So, here is my brother, David, and his fiancee Tara. That's right, folks! My little brother is engaged! Congratulations, David and Tara. They are moving to Iowa this fall where David will be going to grad school for economics.

Here is my sister Susan hiding behind Andrew. Susan is living in Austin now and working at a cool job and generally becoming yuppified. She rules.

Clark and Ellen babysit the kids....

My dad showing Andrew "The Hall of the Ancestors." This is a very long hall, covered in geneaological finds, including lots of freaky people with weird-looking eyes peering glumly out of these photos.... My dad knows who they all are and walks my kids down the hall saying, "And this is your great great great great grandmother Ingebergen. She had seven children. And she also had a small collie that used to bite people." (Or some other random tidbit about the person. How does he keep them all straight?)

Andrew and Jo Anne (Gee Gee) having a fun time!
And, before he could move about at will, he was desperately trying to get these toy balls. Now he just crawls all over the place, stuffing electrical wires in his mouth and falling over on his head.


sgtsharp said...

I need to tell Dave that Iowa jokes are like TX A&M Jokes.

Bevo said...

Sgtsharp, Uncle Phil is the King of Iowa jokes. I hope you guys will hold off long enough for David to sign the papers on his condo.

Andrea_Ben said...

Yeah. Reid isn't even close to crawling and he is 2 months older. Great!

Tracy said...

You really need to follow your dad down that hall and take good notes. You are going to wonder in 20 years who they all are and how many kids they actually had..

Oh just video tape him telling your kids and then you don't have to worry about taking ALL of those notes..

Sorry we couldn't get together.. DAMN SICKNESS

Jen said...

I love the picture of Andrew "flying" (trying to get the balls). The look on his face is pure glee!