Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Nobody quite guessed what Andrew was doing in the last picture (though Erin was the closest).

He was trying to feed himself puffs for the first time and would get frustrated that he couldn't get them into his mouth via his hands, and so would put his head down to the tray to try to lick them up directly.

It takes other people being around my kids to point out their personalities to me. Andrew spent a few days just staring at everyone and everything. "Is he always this observant?" someone would ask. "Is he always so solemn? Does he always entertain himself on the floor so well?" And, I keep saying, "I don't know. I guess so." One thing is clear, however, he is already quite well established as a Mama's Boy. With a capital M.B. I am almost sure he technically crawled today, but Becca was so busy yanking every toy away from him and bashing the toys into his head ("accidentally") that there was much chaos and I can't quite be sure.

Becca has been getting Spoiled Rotten by all the grandparents. With a capital S.R. She is delighting in every second of attention. Every two seconds I hear "LOOK AT ME! Look what I'm doing!" She is thrilled to have people who say "Sure!" as soon as she asks them to play tea party with her. At Jo Anne and Jim's house she had a ball sitting on the edge of the pool and playing with small fragile household decor items that would normally be off limits. Here at my parents' house she spends an inordinate amount of time helping Grandpa tend to his worm farm and playing with snake skins and swinging.

Since I started this post about six hours ago, things have changed. Andrew is officially crawling--well, for only two "steps" but still. I am rolling my eyes instead of cheering because I know that life as I know it is over. I am now unable to leave him unattended in a room because he will find that tiny shard of glass, or pebble, or small choking hazard and shove it in his mouth the minute I turn my back! And, you KNOW I don't want to have to start vacuuming more.

As you can tell, I still haven't found my card reader, and thus cannot entertain you with photos of all the goings-on around here. But last night was a girls' night where my friend Meg brought this. Champagne! In small pink cans! With bendy straws. Add some girl talk, and life is good...


The Quinn Report said...

I love anything pink.... especially if it contains alcohol!

Cheryl said...

I'm not a champagne kind of gal but those are fabulous! Was great to see you! Enjoy the rest of your trip with other people there to pay undivided attention to your kids. They really are adorable. Braden is still talking about Becca.

Bevo said...

Grammy Bonnie,

Katie wants your comments on the beverage selection!

Tracy said...

Can you bring those home? THose and scrapbooking.. Maybe we could get more accomplished!