Friday, June 12, 2009

Perfect Post

This is how my brain functions, but my favorite blogger writes it down with perfection. She captures the essence of Parental Craziness.

This might be one of the best sentences ever written:
"For all those sentiments about Jebus never giving you more than you can handle, I say: bullshit. I’m pretty sure I was born with a finite amount of Deal With a Small Baby’s Inability to Sleep Through the Night Without Going Slap Out of Your Mind, and it is all gone, much like the spotless interior leather in the backseat of my car and the elasticity in my hooters."

Read the whole thing here:


sgtsharp said...

Leather seats in a car are the shit. they are way easier to clean then cloth seats. of course there are they get hot in the summer & when it gets down to 40 below theyre like sitting on a rock.but spilled drinks & food are way better to clean

Lost in Space said...

Did Becca get her Lava?

Joy said...

Just thought I'd share the very appropriate word verification which so perfectly describes the little bugger who's craving attention at 3:27 AM:

Bevo said...

Loved Sundry's post! Good that you moms have an outlet for processing stressful parenting experiences - surely we had similar thoughts a generation ago, but may not have admitted it - outloud, anyhow.