Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

How was your weekend? We had a busy one that started out with me attempting to take both kids "yard sale-ing," as they say here. If you'd like to know how that went, just install a soundtrack of a screaming baby in your car and then drive around aimlessly, randomly stopping to get out and paw through piles of crap.

We did come away with a couple new books for Becca, and an art/paint/music spinner toy--unopened. Oh, and a new photo album for me to fill up with page after page of baby pictures. So, it wasn't a total loss.

After that, I didn't have the stamina to attempt the farmer's market, as I'd planned. So, we stopped at a farm stand and bought fresh blueberries and corn. Later that day, we went to the library, where both kids got signed up for a summer reading program. They are supposed to have 25 books read to them. Becca is already at about 13. Poor Andrew...I think he is at about 3. I need to read to that kid more. But it seems by the time I get into his room to put him down for naps or bed, he is already over the brink and unable to sit and listen to books. He just wants to nurse and sleep. RIGHT NOW WOMAN.

Yesterday Becca played with toads outside and Andrew practiced waving and clapping and playing in the toilet. Then we went to church, because we figured we should appear there before we get Andrew baptized next week. And last night, John and I went out to Bonefish where we ordered the Bang Bang shrimp and Sam Adams Summer Ales. I highly, highly recommend this combo of deliciousness. Then I had shrimp and scallops and he had chicken marsala. And it was all very yummy. We saw Public Enemies with Johnny Depp after that. It was a great movie. We both thought it was really well done and something different than the usual Hollywood crap!

Whew! So, in a nutshell we had a great weekend, with lots of activities, but not quite enough of this. (As usual.)
How was your weekend?


Bevo said...

Weekend? My life is just one great long weekend. We went to the laundromat and will go shopping later today for a new washing machine. News from the repairmem: don't get a Maytag, get a Whirlpool. Whirlpool bought Maytag so Maytags are now the same machines as Whirlpools except they can charge more for the Maytag name! Does that make sense, or what??!!

Dad said...

did Becca get her net?

CaraBee said...

I can't even go to the grocery store anymore with my daughter, I can't imagine attempting to go yard sale-ing. It would be UGLY.

Bonefish is awesome! I love the Bang Bang shrimp, although I haven't tried it with the Sam Adams. Next time!

Jen said...

You know how my weekend went, so I won't even go there.

LOVE Bonefish. Yum.

Andrew is already playing in the toilet? The second child starts these antics at a younger age, don't they. YUCK!

Yay for you guys getting to go out, though!

sgtsharp said...

In Pine City you have your yard sale on Weds. Cuz thats when all the Ma & Pa Kettles come to town, to go to the "sales barn" aka flea market.
BTW whats Bonefish? whats BangBang Shrimp? sounds like something miss spelled that you get in the fareast. or something else that I wont say in this public form.