Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Like That....

Sometimes all I have to do is blog about my bad mood and it magically disappears. I guess that is why the journals I've kept over the course of my lifetime are filled with awful tear-streaked rants. I'll pick one up when I'm feeling overwhelmed and upset and will write, write, write. Should I ever happen to just pick one up and read it, I am horrified by how negative it all seems. Flashback to seventh grade: "I hate them all! I hate everyone! I hate my life!") I don't ever journal about the good days. I will go a year or more without writing and then I just open it back up to vent again. Note to self: burn all journals before I die.

What I'm saying is, I feel better today! Funk seems to be gone, for the most part. Is it that I wrote about it? Is it that John is coming home tonight and may have a day or two off (for the first time in 18 days?) Is it that the sun is shining and the kids ate outside today and the kitchen is cleaned and dinner is made? Probably.

Whatever it is, I'll take it.

Had an appointment with Becca's allergist yesterday. Mentioned the two bee stings she got this summer and the rash that happened on her trunk afterwards. Now she has to have an epi-pen. F*ck!!!

Doctor totally recommended the H1N1 vaccine for everyone, especially children. I think I may bite the bullet and go for it. Especially once he said the word encephalitis. Of course, he hadn't heard of the adjuvant in the H1N1 vaccine that I was worried about. Is it possible I've over-researched this?

(You: Oh no. Not you!)

There's all kinds of drama going on at Becca's preschool. They keep switching teachers on us at the last minute and the parents are fed up and pissed off. Everyone thinks the teaching from last year was lacking and is worried it won't be academic enough this year. And I am just kind of......not that concerned about that portion of it. I wish they did more creative stuff--how about finger painting? Or more plays/shows/songs? I am just not all that freaked out about academics in preschool? Am I missing something? Is this what our society has come to? Massive hysteria over the preschool teachers?

(Where's my cocktail, beyotches? This isn't my cup of tea.)


Jen said...

Preschool: totally. We are having similar preschool drama. And I'm all for just letting them practice writing letters and then letting them paint! Or play with messy things I don't really want to experiment with here! What's wrong with that? Also, what is up with switching teachers? Although, I would gladly switch teachers on our end: not a fan of our current one here. Ugh.

Katie said...

They keep telling us our teacher is this really great one and then two years in a row they have changed it a week before school started.....and then last year's "new" teacher left mid-year...and we will have another mid-year teacher switch this year. Definitely not ideal, but....they are three. What is the big deal?

Angie said...

I want a preschool teacher that loves my kid and is fun. Bonus, our preschool teacher is bilingual, extra bonus, Ashlyn learns to write her name (she's getting there.) But I can teach her that. Mostly, I want my kid to have a few hours with other kids to have fun.

I wouldn't like the teacher switch, just because I chose this preschool after meeting the teacher.

ash said...

okay- the preschool thing is out of control. why can't little kids just play, paint, sing and have fun together at preschool? there is so much focus (pressure!) on kids to read and write by age 4! it's craziness.

as ryan said, "who gives a damn if my kid can solve a quadratic equation at age 6 if he is biting the kid next to him?" let's work on manners and social skills first people.....

Bevo said...

I'm with Ash.

...and fostering their natural curiosity

Angela said...

That's crazy preschool drama! I remember Luke's KDO having drama two years ago with a director change(it was actually Claire's KDO at that point in time). Some Mommy's got involved and I didn't want any part in that! I was ready to pack up and move out. Thank goodness it settled down.
I have come across some of my old one page journals and have seriously thought I must have been smoking dope while writing them. They sound so middle school. And these have been from the last ten years.