Monday, August 03, 2009

A Miracle!

No. Still no car. Not that miracle. Instead, this is what happened today. I wanted to make BLTs for lunch, but realized I forgot to buy tomatoes at the grocery store yesterday. Then, I remember I planted some tomato plants and went to go investigate. Sure enough! Ripe tomatoes. If you remember my earlier post about my Charlie Brown's Garden, you'll remember this picture.


And now?
I guess it gets enough sun and not enough staking. And I guess I'll be breaking a lot more ground next year....


sgtsharp said...

CoolBeans! I dont have the family green thumb.I tryed planting a garden,about 20 years. oh well.

Now have you looked vehicles with leather seats? some sporting good stores like Gander Mountain have really good seatcovers.

Katie said...

Jim, I would love leather, but it just isn't in the budget at this point! Maybe next car after this one! In about 15 years..... :)

Actually, I prefer sitting on cloth seats, but want leather under the dirty children. Do you think they make that? Cloth in front, leather in back? (kidding!)