Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Never Too Lazy to Procrastinate

I tried a new technique this time for trip packing. I only started the day before. Which, is a huge improvement from my usual week before prep start time. So far it is going well....if you count the house looking like Nagasaki as going well. I do, of course.

We're going to Minnesota this weekend to celebrate the 100th birthday of my Nana. Nearly everyone in the family will be there except for one cousin, my husband and my dad. Otherwise, it will be a big gaggle of relatives. We are looking forward to it. (Well, except for the part about getting up at 4 a.m. tomorrow. But other than that, we're looking forward to it.)

If only I didn't have to pack. Actually, the packing isn't bad. The part that is bad is the obsessing over whether I got everything. And all the little shit you have to remember--like to pay the bills, and to stop the mail and to pack some earrings, and the white noise machine, and all the chargers and electronic crap and cameras and memory cards and card readers and battery chargers and tights and confirmation numbers and where is the little strap for that one shoe?

So, instead of doing that.... Here I am! Proving I'm not lazy! Because would a lazy person blog right before a pre-dawn trip? Would a lazy person stress out about making sure to pay the bills and pack the battery chargers and thermometers and Benadryl!? Would a lazy person completely isolate each category of items in her carry-on in separate ziploc bags? No! So. Yea. I'm just laid back. Not lazy. Except I'm sorta not laid back right now either. Hmm.

Travel: Bringing Out the Worst In You Since 800 B.C.

In more trip prep news, we set Lila the Toad free tonight. Because, frankly, toads are shitty pets. They just bury themselves all day. Then they emerge at night to sit still for hours on end. So, Becca picked her up and put her on the grass tonight before bed. She patted her and said with a dreamy sigh, "I'm so happy she's free." I cleaned out the terrarium and put it out of sight. And that was that.


Marie Green said...

First of all- go Grannie! 100 Woot woot!

Also, where are you going to be in MN? After all, you know that's where we live, right? Just curious. ;)

Jen said...

Wow. 100! Amazing. Hope you have a great trip.

joanna said...

Wow. Happy Birthday Nana. I understand the packing worry. I've learned the hard way that forgetting things is okay. Even underwear. And how sweet for the toad! Really really sweet.