Friday, October 02, 2009

Things I Am Not Sick Of

* John helping me clean the house and then declaring it to be pizza night.

* People coming to stay with us. My parents arrive tonight! Grandparent time for my kids is the most priceless commodity I know of at the moment. Plus, it forces me to get my house clean (it only takes 4 days) and I really, really LOVE those precious 4 hours when it is all clean.

* These:


Angie said...

Andrew seems like such a big boy all of the sudden! Grandparent visits are great, though they are better when you don't live in a small apartment.

The Quinn Report said...

Can they come keep my kids entertained on their way back!????

Jen said...

You have so many visitors! Very nice.

Pizza night! In a clean house! Heaven.

Andrea and Ben said...

These pics are too cute!

I am always so jealous of your frequent visitors :0)