Thursday, October 01, 2009

Things I Am Sick Of

* Sleep Regressions. I can handle so much (more) if I've had enough sleep. But, when my formerly Sleeping Through the Night Kid decides to start waking up 3 times a night, I am toast. I am a fragile blown glass vase, ready to shatter at a moment's notice. I was reading Ann Lamott last night and she described living with a baby as having a malfunctioning alarm clock that keeps going off often and sporadically...and is set to the heavy metal station. Exactly. I wish Ann lived with me. She would make all this so much funnier.

* Stepping on my jeans. I have zero pairs of perfect jeans. Zero. Including the pair I just bought last week. I am so tired of these long jeans. I'm tired of walking on them. I'm tired of them dragging on the ground. I'm tired of trying to cuff them because that looks ridiculous. I'm tired of not being able to wear the same pair of jeans with heels or with flip flops. Am I asking too much from jeans? Have my legs shrunk?

* Making coffee. Can't it just make itself by now? And clean itself up? God. Maybe I need one of these.


Angie said...

Take your jeans to a dry cleaner. They can hem them. Save one or two pairs to wear with heels.

And, we have the Keurig. Allen thinks it is really good coffee. It works for us, because he just drinks one cup. No need for a whole pot.

Angela said...

I want a Keurig. I feel the same way. The other night Ellen woke up twice coughing and my body was in such a state of confusion. I had to force my eyes to stay open and remember how to get back to my own bed. It was weird. And the jean thing. I can't find a perfect pair and I refuse to spend $150 for it!

Elizabeth said...

I couldn't agree more on all these topics. ESPECIALLY the Keurig. Why do I not have one? Making coffee is one of my least favorite activities in the morning other than emptying the dishwasher.

Loved Operating Instructions. And really, all her books.

Erin said...

The coffee thing is SUCH A PAIN. I know! It has to be made EVERY DAY! I wish I could make it one time a week, and it would stay fresh.

Meg said...

I have a Tassimo (which is like the Keurig but has a much better selection of drinks). Got mine for xmas last year. I am soooo addicted to the chai lattes it makes. Really the best hot drink I've ever had. Also really good green tea discs. I like mine and I think you can get them for less than $200 these days. Totally worth it IMO.