Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oh Halloween.....How I Love to Hate Thee

It is no secret that I've not traditionally been a big fan of Halloween. The spending money on costumes when I'd much rather spend it on clothes I could wear every day. The pressure of figuring out something to do. The dreaded question, "What are YOU going to be?" What am I going to be? Crap. I don't know. Why do I have to be something? What's wrong with being a well-groomed person in normal clothes? The hideous decorations......gross dead things. Why do people want dead rotting corpse-things on their lawns? I think I'm missing an important piece of the puzzle. The sickly candy everywhere. I mean, if people would start handing out Flamin' Hot Cheetos it might be a different story.

Lately, though, since having kids... I've been warming up to Halloween. The pumpkin carving, the kids' thrill over their costumes, the walking around trick or treating with a lovely adult beverage in hand, chatting with the neighbors. The Reeses's peanut butter cups.

We tried to carve a cat jack o'lantern from a too-detailed pattern, and ended up with a cat-like creature. Carving teeny whiskers out of a thick pumpkin turns out to be impossible. But, it is vaguely cat-ish. Right?
This year Andrew was a rooster (because he spent the last year waking us up all the time) and Becca wanted to be a pegasus. I think my eyeballs bugged out my head as I wracked my brain for how to turn her into a pegasus. Thank God for Ebay and Google, though. Because we found this contraption that makes it look like she is RIDING a pegasus/unicorn. Problem solved. She was going to dress as Aurora riding a pegasus/unicorn, but at the last minute opted for a too-short wedding dress. Turns out her Halloween costume was the Runaway Princess Bride.
So, Halloween. Well played. Not bad. Not bad.

Unless your child has a dread fear of masks, (or "maskes.") Then, you're pretty much screwed.


Natalie said...

Great candid pics, as always. My mother in law made fairy costumes. What a great woman. I had no idea what to do and didn't have to spend a penny - thank goodness!

I hate the candy part. I've cut refined sugar out of home baking and now, when Liv has "real" candy, she turns into a demon! I swear! At first, Matt couldn't figure out what was making Liv so crazy this past week. He's in denial that the HFCS and white sugar can make a kid SO crazy (it doesn't seem to affect Lila like that, not even close-yet). I am sure that if we had sugar in our diets at home, teachers at school would be asking that she be tested for ADD. She's a nightmare. Matt actually asked me to start giving her sugar again at home so she wouldn't act so badly when she does have it. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense! Anyway, I had to donate our candy to charity b/c Liv was about to get herself killed with her over-active behavior! Seriously, she would have flipped off the monkey bars or threw herself out a window or something!

It's all fun though!!!

Angie said...

Poor Becca. Halloween would not be a good thing if you are scared of masks.

Grammy Bonnie said...

Maybe it's roosters she's afraid of?? Or little brothers?

Swistle said...

I love how we have LOTS of children-crying shots here. Because that is what _I_ used to do for Halloween, when I was child.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness-s-s--z , seriously , you really DO NOT realize , your kids are thee easiest stage they will b till they are married and gone

Katie said...

Anonymous. Did I say anything about them being difficult? Not in this post.

Andrea and Ben said...

ha Katie - great pics! Poor Becca. Hopefully she will outgrow that fear.

Geez anonymous - what's up your behind.

Bevo said...

Hallowe'en - love it and hate it! Your daddio put an orange bulb in the large white globe porch light, taped a Jack-o-lantern face to it, and carved a pumpkin - wishing his kids and grandkids were here. The next night he made the best pumpkin soup EVER!