Monday, November 16, 2009


Here it is November 15. And we have had two spectacularly awesome days. Sun. 70 degrees. Feels like picnic-in-the-park weather. I just planted 60 tulips, 60 crocuses and 45 irises. All purple and red. Now. I just have to sit here and wait for five months. Hmm.


Becca told John she didn't want him to drive her to school the other day because, as she put it, "I don't like the way your hair looks."

She told me that she wants me to come to her school for one of their parties. But only if I "wear my hair down."


Andrew has made the sounds of: a dog, a goat/sheep, a cat and a fire truck. But he doesn't do them on command. He can do sign language for "please" and possibly for "eat" and "more", but those aren't documented. I thought I heard him say "ball" a couple times, but am not sure. He babbles a lot. But, he still has ZERO words. He has said Mama and Dada but I don't think it was in context. What the hell? He has certain sounds that mean certain things, "ah ah ah" said with a certain (desperate) inflection means I want to eat THAT. Smacking his lips means he's hungry. And for everything else....whining does the trick. Holy SHIT can this kid whine. And God forbid I leave the room he is in, because you would swear someone has cut off one of his limbs. He just LOSES IT. If there were a bridge, he would leap off it. He cries like he is never going to see me again. DOOOOM!!!! I spend a good portion of my time sneaking around corners and ducking up staircases hoping he won't notice I left his sight.

However, HOWEVER! He can play by himself and entertain himself. He climbs up and goes down the slide by himself. Also, whenever he sees me he gives me a hug. He cuddles! And after raising Pepe Le Pew's girlfriend, that is a welcome change.


I am making progress on my Complete the Christmas Madness Before Thanksgiving Goal. I have ordered our Christmas cards and have updated last year's recipient list. I have purchased gifts for everyone except my brother and my husband. I have a few other random things to get to finish it off. I am now moving on to getting everything I need for Becca's birthday and birthday party. Then stocking stuffers.

Two years ago when we were enduring the Great Poorness of First Year Airline Pilot Hell I cut waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy back on Christmas gifts for everyone. I just got everyone one thing. And that was it. And I took the pressure off myself to find That Perfect Gift or The Perfect Gifts. I realized I am not the only person buying gifts for people. People get gifts from a bunch of people. As long as it was something somewhat thoughtful...and affordable. That was good. Man, people. That RULED. So I am all for the "buy one gift for each person" mindset now. Of course, there are exceptions--usually the people who actually reside with me get a few more things, etc. But really. I have toned it down. And I am much happier for it.

(I don't know if the gift recipients are happier, but who cares about them, anyway?)

(Totally kidding.)

(But really, I am happier. So that does rule.)

(If Mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy.)

So, I made a list of everyone who was getting a gift from us. Then I tried to think up one thing for everyone (unless the one thing was a gift assortment of smaller things). Then I went out shopping and bought them. Some people got something totally different than I originally intended. Some I ordered online. I am a great fan of photo gifts from online photography Web sites. I wrote down how much I spent on each person so I won't be tempted to keep buying and buying more. Now it is all sitting in my basement awaiting wrapping and mailing. Man, I hate the mailing part. The shopping was the fun part. Now the procrastination begins.


Bevo said...

I'm with Becca - John needs to get his hair under control!

Joy said...

You are taking the pressure off everyone else by buying just one gift. Maybe everyone else will do the same and not worry about perfection.

joanna said...

Becca made me laugh out loud! I'm with you on the Christmas thing. Sometimes it's hard though... I got my brother a magazine subscription. I still want him to have a real gift to open though. But I do the same thing with the list!

Jen said...

Type B, huh? =D

I'm just jealous. Christmas shopping? Done?! I WISH. I still don't even have a family photo I like enough to use for our Christmas card.

Love the one gift idea. I am going to steal it. Thanks.

Also: flowers. Your yard is going to be AMAZING in the spring. Can't wait to see pictures.

Katie said...

Jen....type B(ISH!!!) Depending on the situation. I'm sitting in a house of squalor, ticking items off a Whatever that means.

Joy said...

Joanna - buy your brother a December copy of the magazine and wrap it up.

Angie said...

That's hilarious that Becca comments on your hair.

And, I was laughing at the type B ish thing when I read it, too. Hee.

We started exchanging names among adults with our families a few years ago, and I love it. It takes the pressure off buying for everyone, then you can just focus on the one person you have. (Well two, really, because Allen is no help.)

Christopher is still so behind where Ashlyn was at this point in speech. I know that you aren't supposed to compare your kids, blabbity blah blah, I don't know how you don't. He has maybe 30 words (I wrote down 25 the other day, but then I remembered some that were missing.) On the flip side, Ashlyn would lose it if you couldn't understand what she was trying to tell you. Christopher doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

Katy, I am amazed at your pre-Christmas organization. This year I'm not buying Christmas gifts for anyone that doesn't live in my house. Unless I know someone well enough to know what they really, really want/need, it all too often ends up being some meaningless trinket that will end up in a landfill and/or the wrong color or size that gets exchanged. I know...there's always cash & gift cards. But if everyone just exchanges money, what's the point? If you were thinking of giving me a gift, spend the money on something nice for yourself and write me a thank you letter. I'll buy something I want and send you a thank you letter.
This policy does not apply to birthday gifts for persons under 18, so tell Becca that her birthday present will be in the mail as soon as I finish making it. I just need to finish this 50,000 word novel, since November is National Novel Writing Month, you know.
(pretty good) Aunt Linda