Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Whole Zen Thing

I am still trying to slow down on the multi-tasking thing. I can't stop making list after list after list. I've always been that way, but I am going overboard now in an attempt to meet two objectives: a) get all Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving; and b) to try to still my ever-chaotic mind.

I have been telling myself over and over, "Slow down. Stop hurrying. Relax. Take a deep breath. Just be. One thing at a time. One thing at a time."

And then, someone spills their milk on the floor and someone else is screaming bloody murder because I dared leave the room, I'm supposed to pay that bill today, the dirty laundry has left the hamper and is threatening to take over the house, someone is playing in the toilet, I forgot to turn off the stove, someone is holding onto my leg, the phone is ringing, I need to finish unloading the dishwasher, someone just threw a sippy cup in the trash, someone is eating glitter glue, someone is screaming that they don't want to put their shoes on, and someone has just stepped in the pile of food under someone's high chair and slid across the floor on an avocado.

Objective B can suck it. (You knew that would happen, didn't you?) Objective B is nothing more than an impossible dream for Moms of little ones. This is why coffee and wine were invented.

But, I can still pull off Objective A. I did it four years ago, when I was pregnant with Becca. Her due date was December 13. We were living in Alaska and I had ALL my Christmas shopping done and gifts wrapped and mailed by Thanksgiving. That RULED. I LOVED it. I wouldn't have survived that December otherwise.

I want to do it again. Although, this year it won't be waking up with a newborn every hour that will be killing me, it will be choir rehearsals, concerts, christmas parties and birthday parties, and handling all that shit in paragraph three (above). I want to be baking banana bread and taking a nap on December 23, not running around like a crazy person.

Since my New Year's Resolution of "getting control" went out the window on January 2, I feel like I can redeem the year this way.



Jen said...

Hahaha - slipped on an avocado. =)

I don't think I have a single Christmas present yet. I'm hosed.

Bevo said...

OK. Why does Christmas shopping have to be such a big deal? Why? Why? I mean, really.

At my stage of life, I don't need gifts - so you can forget that. Singing Christmas carols and being with people during the season is the best. I want to give to my kids and grandkids - something they would like - not opposed to gift cards. I want to give gifts to a child who would not otherwise get any. Love your idea of going local. Christmas highlights are sending and receiving Christmas photo cards with typed form letters - anything to make it easy to hear news.

Just wish Christmas could slow down!

PS - In one of your spare moments when you are not pulling a kid out of the toilet or fastening seat belts, please tell me what Becca and Andrew would like!

lisa said...

I second what Bevo says....Christmas should be simple. In my mind this year I was thinking I was going to go all homemade/upcycled/....or ask for all homemade/upcycled but....then I think about how I already had specific things in mind for certain people and none of them fit into my homemade/upcycled idea and pffftt, nevermind. Im hoping to do all my shopping in Singapore (yeah, one of the most expensive place to shop-great idea.)

I am however bringin' back the Christmas card. Partially. For years now we've done an e-christmas card which is 1)eco-friendly and 2) cheap on postage but, like Bevo said-- there is something about getting an actual *card* in the mail to hang up somewhere that is a little more special than a PDF attachment. C'mon-- you know you want one. ;)

tell me- what great deals are you finding?

Lost in Space said...

Danger, Will Robinson

Natalie said...

or someone is putting stickers on the wall, their dresser, getting into the butter and rubbing it all over their new outfit...


All I want to do is sip a glass of red wine and read!!! I'm dragging on my reading (and catching up on shows) b/c I can't ever stop cleaning and it's NEVER caught up. NEVER. I can't take it! And, I feel like I'm under constant scrutiny, either by husband or by my neighbor who keeps a SPOTLESS house (she doesn't really cook and has a toddler who is almost as much of a neat freak as she is).

Since I can't live in a complete mess, I have to pick up, at least a little, before I sit down and spend time for myself. But, then, I stop in the middle of a chapter and sigh b/c it could be SO Much cleaner and the way to my husband's heart isn't food (WHY? Someone tell me WHY?). It's a SPOTLESS house! Guilt and frustration. ALL.THE.TIME

Angie said...

Definitely zen and getting Christmas shopping done early don't go together. Maybe you can go for zen in the new year?