Monday, January 04, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Becca is back at preschool this morning. Andrew is taking a morning nap. John's in the basement. I'm enjoying a hot, fresh brewed cup of coffee, thanks to my new Keurig coffee maker (what do you know? Coffee can just make itself and clean itself up!)

I've been gradually adding on new resolutions to my New Year's Resolution list. Before it was just one: photos. But that wasn't something I could work on every day. So, I've since added another: not to get on the Internet until the kitchen is picked up and the dishes/sink completely cleaned. That, my friends, is a challenge. Because who wants to wash dishes when the computer is just sitting here, in the kitchen, winking at me? And, just to be unoriginal and cliche, I thought I'd add in a fitness resolution as well. And that is to workout more days than not. That means 4 days a week, minimum. (I'm scared to even put that in writing. Terrified.)

As for my resolutions last year, that was a rather epic fail. In fact, I just went back to read them and totally forgot that I resolved anything about eating fish. That definitely didn't happen. In fact, I can't remember the last time I cooked fish. I also never learned the manual settings on my camera. Never even tried. But, I did get some control back in my life. Though, at the time I wrote that I had a new baby. So basically just sleeping more than 5 hours at night pushed me in the right direction. But, whatever! I did get a grip on some organizational aspects of my life. I feel more equipped to handle two kids and life as I know it. Basically, I give myself a D minus on last year's resolutions. Here's hoping for some improvement for 2010!

Erin has a great idea of assigning one word to the year. Just a theme, if you will. I love that idea. No hard and fast resolutions that you break in February. No failed goals. But rather just one word that you are working on in your life. I think this year, my word will be "Flow." Go with it. Accept it. Unclench a bit and let things go. Roll with the punches. (Except for the dishes!)


Swistle said...

I love Erin's idea, too, but haven't picked my word yet. I was thinking about "PANIC," just to ensure complete success with zero effort.

That is a very scary workout resolution. Can we define "working out" as "picking up the kitchen while jogging in place"? Because that would kill two resolutions with one chore.

Natalie said...

I haven't posted my resolutions. I have just two or three. I tend to drag on and on and come up with too many that I'll never meet. But, I love your computer resolution. I've been working on that and getting better. It helps that I have a blackberry and can quickly look to see what mail I have and FB updates and move on to the cleaning and getting kids ready for school or to the gym with me. But, I hate that the computer just stares at me! So tempting and I'd say I'm 60% able to avoid it. And, working out more days than I am now is another goal. Urgh. We'll see.

Peregos said...

A word. I like that. Mine would sounds corny but I've already tried it the last few days, and it is working for me. "Smile." My default expression is not a smile. I tend to slide in to panic, frustration, pity party mode lately with great ease. However, even a forced, fake smile when I do not feel like it really improves my attitude before I know it. I live in America. I enjoy flushed toilets, washer AND dryer, and garbage day. A default smile is in order.

ashley said...

love the one word idea! my word needs to be "CALM." you know me, so you know this is a good one!

Mandy said...

I think my word would be "Focus". I feel a bit caught up in the grind of life, and my goal this year is to focus on each part of my life - of course I have goals for health, wellness, balance,work etc but I think they can all be summed up in my need to focus - really BE where I am and DO what I'm doing rather than always worrying about everything, always. Make sense?

Thanks for bringing this topic up - I like it a whole lot better than the usual Lose X pounds by X date.

Angela said...

One word....hmmmmm....."complete".
I almost put "finish" but that sounds so final. I hope I can "complete" everything I start.
Ahhhh...back in the saddle. Feels weird after having Joel home for two weeks.
Always love reading your updates.