Monday, February 15, 2010

Resolution Check

Since we last chatted, let's find out how I'm doing on my New Year's Resolutions.
1. Photos. Sucktastic. I get an F-. Haven't done a thing. In fact, it is worse now than ever because I sold a dresser that held a bunch of random photos, which are now on my bedroom floor. But that is okay because I have 10.5 months to get it handled, right?

2. Kitchen. I will give myself a B+ on kitchen cleanliness before Internetliness. I am definitely tackling messes in the sink more often. I've also discovered if I just kick all the toys from the kitchen into the family room that the whole house feels cleaner.

3. Exercise. Up until the Blizzard(s) of 2010, I would give myself an A-. But since being snowbound and having a kid with pneumonia, that went right down the shitter. For the past two days I have done an exercise DVD at home and today I hope to return to the real gym. So, probably a B+ on that.

Wow. That was boring.


Natalie said...

The gym thing with me was going great too. I was even taking a spin class and a pilates class after that. According to my heart rate monitor, I was burning over 1,500 calories/wk. Then I got sick. Then my kids got sick. Now, I'm sick again. YIPPEE! It's so hard to lose weight or get in shape in the winter-Spring months if you have kids. They spread the love right around. And, even when they are feeling a bit better, I don't want to bring them to the gym to have their weak immune systems hammered. Very frustrating!

Bevo said...

If "toy organization" is on your resolution list, you get an A!

Bevo said...

Much more importantly, you get an A+++ in nuturing secure and loving children!