Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Have Been Keeping a Secret From My Bloggies

Most of you may know this, but since January, John has been deployed to Afghanistan. At first I didn't mention it on here because of security concerns. And then I didn't really feel like I should advertise it to the entire Internet. And then, I decided to just wait until he got back to say anything.

So. He's back!

He got back on Saturday and we're just adjusting to life now with all of us present and accounted for. No more single parenting for me! Single parenting during croup, pneumonia, a stomach virus, repainting two rooms and 80 inches of snow. I survived! We all survived. Unbelieveable, but true.

Becca ran right up to him when he arrived and gave him a giant hug. I followed lugging Andrew. Andrew leaned back, away from him and just stared at him. Becca kept hugging. Then, it went to the opposite extreme. Becca started crying and wouldn't look at him and Andrew couldn't get enough of him. Andrew followed him around for two days imitating John's every move. Becca cried and wouldn't look at him for a little while, but warmed up soon after that.

It is relief to have him safely home. It is a relief at night to know that I'm not the only adult in the house. It is relief to have someone else give the kids a bath, or take Andrew out of his high chair and hose him down, or read Becca a bedtime story. It is just nice to have him back.


Angela said...

Oh! Katie! I am glad he is back. I love reunion stories! My friend, Elizabeth, just got her husband back too.
I am glad you survived too. I had no idea that he was gone! You kept a pretty good secret!

Jen said...

Yay for returning from Afghanistan! I'm glad the kids are used to him already; I've always worried a little that it will take a long time for them to accept their dad after he gets back.

Time for a girls night out for you!

Swistle said...


Angie said...

I'm so happy for all of you!

Peregos said...

So good to hear he's back safely and that you are still sane!

Anonymous said...
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Grammy Bonnie said...

Is that "still sane" thing certifiable??? :-)

Andrea and Ben said...

wooHoo for the end of a deployment!!!

Laura said...

You are a good secret keeper. I'm happy he's home.