Thursday, March 18, 2010

Super Virus of Doom

I am praying we are out of the woods over here. Unfortunately, we spread the lovely virus to my poor parents who are now semi-comatose in their little apartment, wondering why the hell they chose to spend 6 months here when they could have chosen Hawaii or New Zealand....just somewhere far away from the viral hell hole that houses my children. My mom was here less than 24 hours and my dad was only in this house for about 2 hours and they caught the heinous bug.

I am feeling better--not perfect by any means--but better. Good enough to start washing 187 loads of laundry, opening all the windows, turning on all the fans, and spraying Lysol on any surface I see.

My children ARE. NOT. NAPPING. WELL. this week which is totally putting me over the edge. Well, that and the barfing. Either way, here I am...over the edge. (See me waving desperately?)


Jen said...

I think that's what happens with my kids when they get sick too. They don't sleep because they are sick and then when they get a little better, they still don't sleep. But then, THEN, a few days later, they sort of try to catch up on sleep. Here's to hoping you are all over that bug, and that the weekend will be full of naps for everyone.

Bevo said...

We are at the laundry stage and opening up all the windows. You weren't exagerating this time!

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

two words: