Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things I Hate

I'm just not sure why I do these things. Why I decide to paint things. I hate painting. I hate it. I hate it. I love the final result (usually) but hate the process. So, here I am. Half way done painting my family room and kitchen. And the color looks so great in the kitchen. I love it. But, it looks pretty bad next to the couches in the family room. It is the Restoration Hardware Silver Sage color.
How in the world did I decide on a paint that clashes with the furniture? What was I thinking? So. Here I am. Going ahead with it anyway and just hoping some accessories and pillows and curtains will fix it.
But, guess what I hate more than painting? What I hate more than ANYTHING.
Right. Barf.
I hate barf.
And my son has a stomach virus and is barfing. And I'm all in a tizzy. While I hate barf, it isn't the barf itself that starts me freaking out. It is the FEAR. The fear that I may catch the virus. The fear that I may have to do the barfing myself. That is what sends me over the edge. The whole violent, unexpectedness of it all doesn't help either.
In summary: John is not here. One kid is down with the barf bug. The house is torn to shreds and half-way painted. Sometimes I wish I just had a fast forward button.


Jen said...

Poor you. Poor Andrew. No fun. Barf is HORRIBLE, a mean trick played on mothers. I hope he is over it soon and that you don't get it. And that the walls paint themselves.

lisa said...

Yes-- FF button is what we need. Ugh. There are no words of wisdom, just hunker down and weather the storm.

HATE stomach bugs.