Thursday, May 27, 2010

No Karmic Bitch Slap, Please, Universe....

I have a confession to make. For the first time in 4 and a half years, I have stopped wiping down shopping cart handles before touching them, or having my kids touch them. Recently, I've found myself just tossing kids into shopping carts with nary a wipe in sight. I won't lie and tell you it doesn't bother me to a certain degree, because in the back of my head, it does. I think, "I should probably wipe that down." And then, I think "Fuck it." And I don't.

I almost lauded my new healthy mental attitude. Hey! Look at me being all normal and shit. But then I realized I think it isn't a factor of overcoming a problem. I think laziness has just taken over. I just don't feel like digging around in my purse for an antibacterial wipe. It just seems too hard.


Just thought y'all should be the first to know.

Thanks for the feedback on the sectionals with chaises.....I am having someone from a local furniture store come help me with ideas tomorrow, and I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. I have a list of questions for her. Actually, I have an accordion file full of ideas, too. I just haven't been quite able to get things arranged right in this house and I can't wait for a professional opinion. She'll probably want to hang heavy, tasselled, velvet, cheetah-print fabric from everything and recommend the $10,000 sofas and I'll end up disappointed. But for now, my hopes are up. Can she arrange the crazy step-down, corners popped-in living room to maximize seating? I'll let you know.

I will finish my NYC saga. Eventually. I swear. Blogging takes time that I just don't seem to have least not in the big chunks necessary. I miss it, though, so I'm trying to just jump back in!


Natalie said...

Long ago I got too lazy to wipe down the carts. Then, I keep reading about allergies and the being too clean connection. Since I recently developed horrible allergies, I think about that now when I feel the need to spray down the kids hands all the time with some sort of anti-germ spray.

What I haven't gotten over, and never will, are the parents who bring their kids places sick. Like the mom who brought three of her kids to Whole Foods last week. One of them was screaming in the store non-stop for I don't know how long. Then, she puked all over the milk aisle. It just kept coming and coming. Yummy. How did she NOT know that kid was sick? She was three, at least. When Lila's not feeling well, she's sure to let me know. It's that kind of thing that freaks me out - when I know we've been exposed to something and there is nothing I can do about it and the parents could give a rat's ass.

lisa said...

Oh you crack me up. I was laughing while reading this. I have become a little more lazy too. I still use a cart cover for Mackenzie but Im not as anal about spraying their hands and wiping things off anymore. I think its hard because I don't mind the kids getting whatever virus du jour is out there looming, its the stomach bugs that just put me over the top....I need a spray that just kills norovirus. :)

Jen said...

There's nothing like multiple kids to make you let go, huh? Me, too, me, too.