Friday, August 06, 2010

Guilt and Stress

We are leaving in 5 minutes for the pediatric dentist's office. Becca has to have a pulpotomy--or a kid root canal and a silver crown. Guess who feels like the worst mom? Okay, not the WORST, but pretty damn bad. How did it come to this? How is it not just a little cavity, or better yet, NO cavity?

I admit I started slacking a little bit on the sugar intake recently. I used to be very strict about it. Then, I kind of lightened up a little and the kids had a lollipop once a day. I still don't think my kids have ever had the amount of sugar in their diets that the average American kid has, though.

I also admit I wasn't vigilant enough with her teeth brushing. I let her do it and then I would go in for a quick once over. But, according to my friends, that is what they do too, and THEIR KIDS DON'T NEED ROOT CANALS.

So, I am sitting here drinking from a giant mug of Mommy Guilt while my poor child is stressed about this whole dentist thing. I'm stressed about the sedation. What if she has a problem with it? I had a weird anesthesia experience that required ventilation. Her doctor doesn't think that will happen with this medication or with her, but I'm still freaking the fuck out.


Angie said...

Well, if teeth health is a mark of bad motherhood, I have you beat after Ashlyn's dental experience last year. I did feel horribly guilty, too. She doesn't have tons of sugar, and I made sure that she or we brushed her teeth. The dentist did tell us that we should brush her teeth until she was 8, which seems awfully old to me.

Of course, I already felt guilty when Ashlyn had her first cavity, but Allen's mom added to that. She asked me "why this happened?" I kind of mumbled something about genetics. She got all huffy (as if it was an affront to her,) "not from my family. You just don't brush her teeth well." I had to just get off the phone with the woman, who only brushes her teeth once a day. (She does have darn good teeth, despite the poor hygiene, though.)

Angie said...

What I really meant to say was I think sometimes this just happens despite our best efforts. My SIL is a dental hygienist and her kids have still managed to have a cavity or two.

Swistle said...

I swear it is not you and/or your mothering. You're doing great with both sugar and brushing. People's teeth really vary: I have teeth that get cavities fairly easily and Paul's only had one cavity his whole life, and yet I ALWAYS FLOSS and I floss WELL, and I brush three times a day, and he NEVER EVER FLOSSES and does a really perfunctory once-a-day brushing.

Grammy Bonnie said...

Biggest issue is acid beverages sipped continually. . .mostly sodas, but juices and sports drinks, too. Second problem is sticky stuff like fruit roll-ups, gummies, and raisins. Heck, I'm the dentist!!!

Jen said...

Ugh! How did it go?

My sister is a hygienist (sp? whatev) and she says brush their teeth till they are 8. I guess they don't have the manual dexterity to do a great job until then (which is also the age at which they are able to learn cursive, so maybe there is something to it).

Also, I think some people just don't have the enamel that others have.