Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Last Day of Summer

I woke up to Andrew yelling "MOMMMMMMYYYYYY!" this morning at 6:15. Well, actually, I woke up at 5:30 when John's alarm went off. Then again at 5:55 when John dropped something loud in the bathroom. Then again at 6:07 when John gave me a hug and kiss and left for work. So, I got out of bed and went to talk to Andrew. I told him to be quiet and play in his bed. And then I ate some cookies, made some coffee and turned on the laptop.

And, would you believe it? He is just playing in his bed. Quietly. Becca would never have done that in a million years at that age. Andrew is pretty easy. He's an easy kid at this point. He just kind of wants to hang out and do what everyone else is doing. He cuddles. He sleeps through the night almost without fail. He goes to sleep by himself without screaming. He plays by himself. He basically just goes with the flow.

Becca is a more independent ( is that co-dependent?) spirit. She wants to be the boss. She wants to be The Decider. And she wants YOU to be her continual and constant companion. She wants YOU to just shut up and say "Okay, Becca! Whatever you say!" Do mah bidding! She wants to be in charge, but not by herself. She doesn't like to play by herself at all, ever. You are not allowed to go to the bathroom unescorted. You are not allowed to sneak up the stairs (silently, on your toes, avoiding that creaky step) to try to get dressed in peace. And you also better think of ten fun things to do before 9 a.m. or else she will follow you around talking to you about all the things she wants to do.

Let's make a bird feeder! Mom! Can we make a bird feeder today? Oh! I KNOW! I want to make that jewellry tree I saw in that book. Do you have some branches and some plaster of paris? Hey Mom! Can I please pull out all your jewellry and try it on? Mom? MO-OOOM? Plllllleeeeeease? Can I try on all your jewellry and have a jewellry fashion show and can you be the audience and you sit over there and I'm going to dress up in my princess dresses. Mom? Where are the dresses? Mom? Please? Why not? Pleeeeeease? I promise I won't lose anything. Mom?  MOM! I said I wanted to make a bird feeder. Where's the bird seed? Can we go to to Home Depot and get bird seed? Do you have a pot I can paint for my jewellry tree? Mom! MOOOOO-OOOOM! Can I have some gum?

She's interested in the world. She also knows the art of Wearing Down Mom. She knows it really well. She has a degree in WDM.

She finally goes back to school tomorrow. Well, only for an hour WITH the parents, but still. She has been doing this for years now, thanks to her late birthday. She looks like a 6 year old going to preschool. I think we could just drop her off at this point. But anyway, the third year of preschool is FINALLY going to begin, since it is practically CHRISTMAS at this point. Everyone else has been in school for WEEKS now. I might as well just put SNOW BOOTS on her for her first day of school since it is practically WINTER before it starts.

I'm going to do some fun stuff with the kids today.....this rainy Sunday.....the last day before Back to School (ha ha ha! AN HOUR! WHO AM I FOOLING??)


Andrea and Ben said...

Only and hour - WTF! Is that common that they are so short?

I hear ya on never getting to go anywhere (aka - toilet) alone.........ever.

Katie said...

No, normally it will be 2.5 hours but the first two days are just a lane ass hour! I'm acting like it is some big back to
School thing, which is such a joke. It is not that big a day tomorrow!

Proud Nana said...

She has a fabulous imagination and seeks out mental stimulation! Her inventive "sense of story" and the complexity of her make-believe worlds is quite amazing for her age. I think she will be a writer.

Jen said...

Becca and Kate would LOVE each other. Except when they would fight about being in charge.