Sunday, September 26, 2010


He wakes up and plays in his crib, with his trucks, cars, stuffed Panda from the National Zoo and books. Except for when he yells for his family, "Mommmma, Daddddaaaa, Bubbbba!"

He loves backpacks. He finds random bags around the house and wants them on his back. He also loves hats. Give him a hat and a backpack and that kid is happy. Throw in a fire truck, a Thomas the train engine and a matchbox car and all is right with the world.

He calls his blanket his "Nigh Nigh." He loves the Barney episode where Baby Bop loses her blankie and cries. "Nigh Nigh! Uh-oh! Waaaaah," he pretends to cry along with Baby Bop.

He doesn't eat much for breakfast or lunch, but can eat an adult-sized portion of dinner. He  doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. He may leave his popsicle, half-eaten, or half a cookie at his place to run off and play "Cuck cucks." (Trucks).He does love candy, though, and calls it "Yi Yis" which is (sort of) what Becca used to say as she made her gummy princess vitamins talk to each other. But it stuck, and he thinks his vitamin is candy and that, and all others, are now called "Yi Yis."

When the garbage or the recycling truck comes by he RUNS to the front door. And after it drives off he says, "Uh oh. Cuck Cuck! Cuck Cuck go?" He is always asking where something/somebody went. "Mama go?" "Dada go?" "Bubba go?"

When I try to get him to say "Becca" instead of "Bubba" he ends up saying "Bec-pack." He mostly goes with the flow. He gets tossed in the car and dragged all around. He doesn't protest unless he gets loaded in the car without Becca. Then he will just point at her empty carseat and exclaim "Uh oh! Bubba go?" over and over.

He is suspicious of women, especially young women who may be babysitters. He likes to hang out with guys. When his dad bought a new TV and hung it on the wall, Andrew plopped himself down on the couch, pointed a the TV and exclaimed "Put Ball!" (Football).

He kind of enjoys cleaning. He uses his napkin at dinner. When you tell him it is bed time, he will run around and pick up his toys.

He is sweet, smart and observant. Happy Birthday to our little boy! We now officially have a two-year old!


Laura said...

Happy Birthay Dude!

Angie said...

Sweet. I love that he calls Becca, "bubba." Love it. Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Andrea and Ben said...

Awww, what a sweet guy! Hope he had a great birthday :-)

ashley said...

Happy Birthday precious little boy!!

Grammy Bonnie said...

You officially have a charmer! Oops. . . .TWO charmers ;-)

Nana said...

He is the cutest, sweetest little guy on the face of the Earth. Happy Birthday, Andrew! We love you!

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

Happy birthday, little man! You keep on calling your sister bubba. That is classic.

Jen said...

Oh, I love this! He is so sweet! And I love all the things he says - so cute.