Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Action Plan Update: Middle of the Night Edition

Here it is, 5 a.m. The time I get up every day now thanks to the jackass who decided turning clocks back was such a good idea. My damn kid wakes up at 5 a.m. ON THE DAMN DOT every morning. And I am such a freak (guess it is inherited) that I can't go back to sleep once I know she's awake. So, she is playing in her room, but every little bump makes me seethe and cringe. I have tried it all and she just won't sleep later. It has been 10 days or so since the time change and I'm not giving in. She isn't napping. She goes to bed at usual time and is just up. In what feels like the middle of the night. And so am I. My adrenal glands are about to shut down from caffeine overload.

But, the good news (if it is really possible to think positive thoughts at 5 a.m.) is that I am getting lots done on my December preparations. I am doing well on purchasing Christmas presents. Although, now I have to really fight the urge to keep adding to them. I am trying not to go crazy and just give people one small(ish) thing and be done with it. I've hidden the gifts in two places (or so.) I've kept all the receipts. I've been trying to keep the house clean. I was doing SO well for about three days. Then I took half a day off and the entire thing descended into chaos that fast.

John's stepmom, Jane, is arriving today to watch the kids for a few days while I get to go visit John on his TDY in Arizona. I am so excited to get a few days to myself and with him! It is beyond glorious. Beyond. Really there are no words. I am amazed that Jane volunteered for this. Just amazed! (Especially since she knows about the 5 a.m. thing.)

However, my To-Do list has been OUT OF CONTROL, people. I've been functioning like an energizer bunny on crack with a whip and a double espresso. I've gotten TONS done and yet it seems like the list just keeps growing. Who is doling out the To-Do list fertilizer? STOP! It is polluting everything!

I am just telling myself that I will rest once I get on the plane. Right? I will, right? Either that or my mind will just continually keep whirring. Please God I hope not. I'll probably just go into full body shut down mode at some point, my head on some stranger's shoulder drooling and twitching, moaning things like "Don't forget to buy cheese cloth!"


Andrea and Ben said...

Ah Man! You go to Tucson when I am not there - NO FAIR! Have a good time I guess, even though I am not there ;-)

Bevo said...

Hope you have a relaxing trip. Sorry about the early waking up. Maybe you could send her to us for a week and we could get her on Central Time!

Laura said...

Dude, take a Valium. (Only kidding) (well, not really). But kudos on the Christmas shopping. I'm not even prepared for thanksgiving yet.

Hope you have a great and relaxing trip.