Sunday, March 13, 2011

Have I finally joined the current century....

I don't want to speak too soon, but I may have finally figured out how to post actual blog entries from my phone.....which changing for me.

Really just about everything about my phone has been life changing.....even how crazy autocorrect makes me. It's shit. Okay? Not shut. Not shot. Just shit.

I am not sure if it was Facebook or the iPhone that killed the blogging star, but something did for sure. Maybe now that I have figured this out, my life will change one more time.

Anyhoo. Here I am. Blogging. On my phone!

I'm back, peeps!

Speaking of life changing--here we are on the first morning of Daylight Savings Time and I am out of my winter funk. It started in October with "falling back". God, I hate falling back. Just a week before the kids had started sleeping til 7:30. Then suddenly WHAMMo. More light in the mornings and they were waking up at the crack of dawn and it was painful for a month. Then, winter set in and everyone got sick a hundred times and I got dejected and started googling houses for sale in the carribean.

But, you that is all a distant memory because we have righted that wrong by springing forward. Andrew is still in his bed at 7:45 am! It will be light out at dinner time. Summer is on it's way.....


Andrea_Ben said...

Did you have to get a separate app? I had no luck with the mobile blogger and bought the blogpress app. Here's to hoping for more Katie blogs - I have missed them!

Natalie said...

I need to figure out how to blog from my iPhone too. FB and the phone combined killed blogging for me. Hope to see you here more often now.