Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little One

I sold the snot-infested couches that came with the house. And now my kids have to watch TV from this. The makeshift.

See that boy? He is two and a half now. He is prone to ear infections and being the "snot factory"...see also: snot-infested couches some poor, unsuspecting soul bought from us. He is able to entertain himself, unlike some people (*cough cough* Becca). He is small for his age and he curls up on my lap in an impossibly small little ball. He wraps his arms around my neck and hugs me. He is reliable. Steady. A bit OCD. He's my easy child. He sleeps when I put him to bed. The
5 year old wakes me up many more nights than he ever does, which makes me completely crazy. He sleeps until 7 am for chrissakes. I never understand a word he says. He is a shitty eater--not so much picky as just....not interested. He talks about his big "muh muhs" (muscles) while flexing. He loves watching the Disney Cars movie and would be truly happy with just his Cars figures as his only toys. He plays with them for hours on end. He shocks me when he let's me choose his clothes and doesn't protest when it is time to leave the house. I am taken aback by how different two children can be!

And, speaking of such, I need to
Get these kids in bed before Earth hour starts, because I have a date with a candle and a glass of Bailey's!


Katie said...

OH EM GEE. I apologize for the formatting and typos! I am trying to blog from my phone keyboard!

joanna said...

Now I have to go back and look for formatting and typos! He looks like an unflappable kind of guy! love it!

Bevo said...

And he sings Dona Nobis Pachem very seriously to Bevo as they rock in the chair after book reading at night - he has a great voice!

Bevo said...

Speaking of typos, that would be Pacem.

Andrea_Ben said...

Gah, he is such a cutie. Love this post :-)