Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Annoys Me

I really hate March (or when in Alaska substitute May here). It is a teasing little bitch that March. It's freaking COLD still. And I want some new shoes to wear with my jeans and winter jackets and all Target has is sandals. I mean, come on!!!! It is 35 degrees. I can't wear sandals, people.

I'm sick of winter. Stop teasing me, March.


Andrea_Ben said...

I say next March, when John's unit is here for whatever they do when they come here, you and the kids join him!!!

Kayris said...

Fucking Target had flip flops in January. I went to buy a new winter hat because I lost mine and they had nada. How stupid is retail!?!

Laura said...

Katie, I think it's the time of year and the kids and the clutter and the snow and being a stay at home mom. I have been feeling the same way. Some days I literally feel like I am suffocating and even last week I called my mom just to say I missed her (while trying not to cry). Really? Ugh. Its horrible! But I DO feel like this is home so I can only hope this all passes. Is it freakin Summer yet??

Hang in there. Maybe just grab some crackers and have a snack on the floor. Sounds like you have enough cheese for everyone.